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Great Minds in STEM is proud to celebrate 27 years of keeping America technologically strong through the delivery of national STEM awareness programs for students, parents and teachers in underserved communities; providing opportunities for the academic and career development of underrepresented students and professionals in STEM; and honoring our nation’s top technically-talented Hispanic engineers and scientists.

Welcome to Great Minds in STEM

Professional of the Week 

Alexei Lozada-Ruiz
U.S. Air Force

Welcome to Great Minds in STEM

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Organization Spotlight

GMiS Nationwide

Teens Exploring Technology serves young men of color between the 7th and 11th grade who are from low income communities. Since 2010, TXT has used the concept of developing strong teams as a way for young men to learn about collaboration, ideation, and long-lasting life skills. In small teams, they learn the process of taking an idea from concept to market. TXT uses coding as the catalyst that can take young men of color and turn them into technology leaders who build positive communities. TXT believes that computer programming is the tool that helps teens learn how to learn, to develop discipline, and to build confidence.

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Through its various program options, Viva Technology™ has been implemented in 18 states & the District of Columbia, reaching over 100,000 students, teachers & parents!

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