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Great Minds in STEM is proud to celebrate 26 years of keeping America technologically strong through the delivery of national STEM awareness programs for students, parents and teachers in underserved communities; providing opportunities for the academic and career development of underrepresented students and professionals in STEM; and honoring our nation’s top technically-talented Hispanic engineers and scientists.

Welcome to Great Minds in STEM

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Gabriel Rios

University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

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Christie Rivera


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Partner Spotlight

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LEO Innovations LLC

Past HENAAC Award Winner Leo Estevez, developed a Robot game to motivate kids in science, math and computer programming. Launched on Kickstarter, Rekam-DR1 empowers students to build their own robot and uses text messaging to program it. Want to learn how to build your own robot and turn your smartphone into a handheld game controller? More important, do want to help kids learn about STEM in a fun and engaging way? Leo Estevez, an electrical engineer at Texas Instruments, has the skills and knowledge to make this a reality. Leo developed a new robot called REKAM-DR1 that uses Bluetooth to turn a smartphone (IOS/Android device) into a robot brain and handheld game controller. Users can send a text message to their Rekam-DR1 to get a drink, tell a joke, play music, play a game, or send an email.
The project was recently launched on the crowd source site Kickstarter.

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Through its various program options, Viva Technology™ has been implemented in 18 states & the District of Columbia, reaching over 100,000 students, teachers & parents!