"Great Minds in STEM's Statement on DACA"

While the constitutional merits of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program have been and will continue to be debated, it paved the way for hundreds of thousands of immigrants to pursue their American dream. They have known no other country as their home, and they are American in all but name.

President Trump’s decision to end the program, with no alternative in place to deal with the 800,000 plus people who currently have the protections DACA affords, is an unfortunate development and a step backwards for our country’s immigration policy. It disavows the financial, military, and technological contributions DACA immigrants have made to this country.

Great Minds in STEM stands in solidarity with our “Dreamers,” the many students, professionals, parents, and children who today face an uncertain future. And we join those who call on Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform legislation that removes the cloud of uncertainty so many now live under. Our government must do its part during the six month window the President’s decision affords to protect the American Dream for those who follow the law and strive everyday to make our country great.