Scholarship Application Information

The 2016-17 Scholarship Application Portal is now closed. Please bookmarked the GMiS website for the announcement of the Class of 2016 HENAAC Scholars, in mid-August. The 2017-18 Scholarship Application will open in January 2017. Thank you.


Make sure your SPAM filters are off, for any emails from  This is especially true If you have a GMAIL HOTMAIL or  YAHOO account.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you read through the FAQs before you begin this application or contact the GMiS Office.

It is strongly recommended that you have all the following documents ready to upload at the time of application. Documents must be in PDF format or WORD document. Transcripts that are multiple pages must be scanned, saved and uploaded as one single PDF (The system will not allow you to upload each transcript page as individual files). Photos must be submitted as a JPEG as per the instructions below.

  • Official Transcripts:
    • Transcripts must contain the seal of your university/college or high school or signature of the Registrar. (it is okay to open transcripts you received in a sealed envelope to scan and upload or email).
    • The cumulative GPA, weighted or unweighted must appear on the transcript.
    • A generic grade report or a printout from an online course schedule is NOT an Official Transcript.
    • If your school has the capacity to send e-transcripts, transcripts must be sent to Dr. Gary Cruz at
    • Transcripts must be in English.
  • Resume: one-page limit.

  • 700-Word Essay. The 2016 essay question is: Describe how your cultural identity, professional aspirations, and leadership/service within the Hispanic community have shaped your qualities and attributes as a rising STEM leader?

  • One faculty letter of recommendation from an advisor, dean, principal, faculty or instructor – i.e. someone who can speak on behalf of your academics. NOTE: If the recommender prefers, faculty letters may be directly emailed to

  • One peer letter of recommendation from a friend, classmate, lab partner, teammate, member of a student/youth organization. The letter may not be from a mentor, coach, or supervisor, unless that individual is within your same age group.

  • Photo: The photo will not be used in the scholarship selection, but rather used for publications of scholarship recipients, in print and online.
    • The photo must be professional in style and content.
    • The photo must be of high quality – i.e. 300 dpi. In other words, no cell phone photos. The photo must be taken with a digital camera or scanned at a high resolution. An indicator of a high quality photo is a photo over 1 MB.
    • The photo should be a head-shot. There is no need for a full-body photo.
    • The photo should not be a party-shot, i.e. taken at a party. No party or scantly-clad photos.
    • The photo should not be selfie, party-shot, i.e. taken at a party, or party or scantly-clad photo
    • The photo should not a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media photo.
    • The photo should not be a glamour shot.
    • The photo should not be Black and White or Sepia. Photos must be in full color.