What is the application deadline?

The online application closes at 11:59 PM PST, on April 30. All materials must be submitted by this deadline.

How do I submit my scholarship application?

You must apply online for the HENAAC scholarship. Additional documents: essay, letters of recommendation, resume and official transcripts must be uploaded online. Paper copies of application materials are no longer accepted.

Do all documents have to be submitted at the same time?

No. Applicants will be required to establish a login ID and password, which will enable them to return and complete their application and upload their documents at a later time. However, it is STRONGLY recommended that you have all your documents ready to upload before you begin the application process.

What if I started an application and closed the browser or exited without submitting, is my application saved?

No. You must click on the Submit button to save your application. If you accidently close your browser before submitting your application, you will have to start over. You may then return and update your application before your Final Submission.

If I upload the transcript, is it still considered official?

Yes. If your school/university provides you a sealed envelope with your transcript, for our purposes, you may open the transcript, scan and upload with your application.

So long as the uploaded transcript contains the university or high school seal or registrar office signature, the transcript is considered official. Transcripts that contain the words “Unofficial” or documents that are a menu of course listings, or in any way altered, are unacceptable.

If your school/university will be sending your transcript by email, please upload a Word document in your application, with the statement “My [NAME OF SCHOOL] will be providing a transcript for [NAME OF APPLICANT].”

What if I have more than one transcript to upload?

You must scan all the transcripts into one document and then upload that single document.  Transcripts cannot exceed 5MB in size.

What if my high school/college/university will not issue the official transcripts to me directly?

If the institution will not release the transcripts directly to you, they may send the transcripts via regular mail. The transcripts should be sent to: Great Minds in STEM, ATTN: HENAAC Scholars Program, 602 Monterey Pass Road, Monterey Park, CA 91754. The transcripts must be postmarked by April 30.

My college/university uses an online clearinghouse to send transcripts, is that sufficient?

Yes. Please notify the institution to send the e-transcripts to Dr. Gary Cruz at

My peer or faculty prefers to email the letter directly to Great Minds in STEM™. Is this permissible?

Yes. Please notify the recommender to send the letter to Dr. Gary Cruz at Letters must be sent as a pdf and must be signed by the recommender.

If your faculty will be sending your letter by email, please upload a Word document, on the application, with the statement “My [NAME OF RECOMMENDER, from NAME OF INSTITUTION/SCHOOL] will be providing a letter for [NAME OF APPLICANT].”