MAES Decathlon

This event for university students is a fast-paced competition featuring 10 unique challenges spread out over a 24-hour period. With a goal of providing a forum for recruiting organizations to evaluate soft skills, teams of students organized by school will be challenged in the areas of academics, professionalism, career development, communication, pro-activeness, and time management. Moreover, by pairing each team with a company it offers a unique venue to build lasting relationships and assess potential intern and full term hires.

Teams compete head-to-head in 10 competitions; the teams with the two best records advance to the final round during the MAES Reception. The final round, known as Familia Feud, happens live where teams are quizzed on their knowledge of basic science, engineering, mathematics, technology, and MAES. The ten competitions comprising the College Decathlon have been carefully selected to showcase students’ talent and challenge each individual beyond the area of academic achievement.

They are:
  • Ask Around: Each team will have a window of opportunity at the Speed Networking Breakfast to interact with professionals to get answers for a list of questions designed to promote networking.
  • Chapter Expo: Each team will develop a display board that can be used to showcase their chapter to potential members, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Elevator Speech: Each team will be represented by 1 member that will prepare a 30-second speech for a chance encounter with a recruiter. This member will deliver their speech and attempt to leave a positive first impression.
  • Industry Commercial: Each team will develop skits that advertise the employer of their coach. The skit must last 1-2 minutes, must involve at least 3 team members, and make use of 1-5 props.
  • Mascot Challenge: Each team will develop a potential mascot for MAES to be used in future competitions both nationally and at the local chapter level.
  • Résumé Review: Each team will submit résumés for each team member. One résumé will be selected at random and reviewed by a panel of recruiters who will judge it based on content, formatting, and how well it sells the student.
  • Role Model Profile: Each team will submit a short profile (200-300 words) on a role model they interview during the Symposium. This profile must put a face to MAES and be suitable for publishing online via social media. Shirt Design: Each team will design and produce a shirt to promote STEM to Hispanics. The shirts will be presented during a fashion show at the Student Leadership Dinner.
  • STEM Fundamentals Exam: Each team will complete a multiple choice written exam of 20 questions in 15 minutes testing their knowledge of basic science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. Each team will be allowed to send three participants to help complete the exam.
  • Trading Cards: Each team will engage in professional networking and collect business cards from peers, professionals, and recruiters.

Prizes will be awarded. Each member of the College Decathlon Champion Team will receive an Apple iPad Mini.


Enrollment: Must be enrolled as a full time student for the fall semester

  • Undergraduate students is twelve (12) credit hours
  • Graduate students is nine (9) credit hours
  • Students on internship/co-op must show proof of enrollment in the internship/co-op program
  • Students at community college must be enrolled in transferable majors to a four-year institution offering a Baccalaureate
  • Degree

Membership: Must be a MAES Student Member in good standing and registered in the MAES Membership System

Presence / Attendance: Teams must be at the MAES Symposium, arriving by Thursday afternoon.

Team Size: Must be comprised of 3-5 students from the same student chapter of MAES.

How to Compete
Submit completed package by email to by September 30, 2016, with following components:

  • Application
  • Résumés of all Team Members

Team Captains must attend the Team Captain Orientation; the Team Captain is the only person allowed to represent the team during this session. During this session, the Team Captain will officially register the team with the Commissioners.

All Team Members must be present at the Kick-Off and Draft. At this event, Coaches will be available to network and be recruited by teams. Each Team will be allowed to identify up to three Coaches they seek to be paired with. The Commissioners will determine the final assignment of coaches to teams based on a randomly-selected draft order and availability of un-drafted Coaches.

For more information and to download the application form, click here.

For more information, please contact
Good luck!