College Students: MentorNet Program

The three-session MentorNet program is designed to support your professional development through hands-on, interactive, skill-building activities in small-group interactions with STEM professional attendees. In the MentorNet program,
you will learn to:

  • Expand your network with Active listening
  • Prepare for your job search with Behavioral interviewing
  • Navigate the workplace with Cultural competency

The MentorNet program will be offered twice in convenient, back-to-back sessions on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning, maximizing opportunities for students and professionals to participate in all three sessions. The program is open to all conference attendees.

Interested in finding a mentor now? Summer is a great time to connect with a mentor who has a STEM degree and work experience in STEM fields and who is ready to support you.

Great Minds in STEM’s MentorNet is an open social network for mentoring that connects STEM students, from freshman year through doctoral level, with mentors working in a variety of STEM fields. Mentees must attend an accredited U.S. college or university. Mentors are available now, so JOIN TODAY!

See How MentorNet Works in three minutes: