Delegate of the Week

Alexis Lopez      
University of Texas El Paso

Growing up in a family of engineers, Alexis Lopez discovered his passion for STEM at a very young age. Inspired by his mother and father, Alexis chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP). While many new college students have difficulty choosing a career path, Alexis’ decision was easy, “Engineering has always been my passion. I like to create, explore, design, learn, and invent.” As the recipient of both a 2018 and 2019 Great Minds in STEM Scholarship sponsored by Cummins, Alexis expresses his gratitude, “GMiS not only gave me my first scholarship, they gave me confidence in myself.”

At UTEP, Alexis found a campus-wide community that fosters growth and leadership. Seeking out ways to get involved, he joined Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) in 2017. As a member of ESW, Alexis participated in Project “Water Matters,” an initiative to build and install sustainable rainwater collector systems in Presidio, Texas. Alexis also traveled to Puerto Rico with ESW to aid in relief efforts after Hurricane Maria as part of Project “Rise Up.” He gained valuable experience assembling a suspension bridge and working with materials used in construction. Since joining ESW, Alexis has served as both Treasurer and Vice President of the organization.

In addition to his work with ESW, Alexis completed a 2017 ExciTES Summer Internship at UTEP, where he served as a STEM program instructor for elementary students. The following semester, he continued his work at the university as a Computer Lab Assistant in the Education Technology Center. He notes, “These experiences helped me grow a lot as an engineer and as a person... Hard work opened some exciting doors.” In 2019, Alexis completed an internship with Cummins as a Product Quality Engineer in Seymour, Indiana. Currently, he is researching 3D design at both UTEP’s Center for Space Exploration &Technology Research and the Keck Center for 3D Innovation.

Alexis continues to be involved with Great Minds in STEM while serving as both a College Captain in the Viva Technology Program and as a Delegate. He shares, “I’ve had opportunities I never even dreamed of with GMiS. They have helped me to become the student I am today and the future engineer I will become one day.” Great Minds in STEM would like to thank Alexis for his amazing work in the STEM community and proudly recognizes him as Delegate of the Week.

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