Delegate of the Week

Miguel Gongora Melara      
University of California Merced

Miguel Gongora Melara is an undergraduate at the University of California Merced who is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. The first in his family to attend college, Miguel grew up in a neighborhood where most adults didn’t finish high school, much less attend college. He shared, “My parents always told me that I have opportunities that they never had and that I should take advantage of them and be someone.” He was determined to attend college for his family and his community to prove that getting a degree is within everyone’s reach.

Miguel faced many of the challenges first-generation students often encounter. He didn’t have anyone in his family to help guide him in preparing for college. Fortunately, one teacher who recognized Miguel’s passion for math and science recommended he attend a high school that specialized in STEM subjects. Miguel developed an interest in environmental engineering during his high school years through hands-on class projects, “I have always been interested in ways that we can be more energy efficient.”

At the University of California Merced, Miguel joined Inginieros Unidos, where he learned of the GMiS Conference and the opportunities GMiS offers for students to become involved in the STEM community. After attending the conference, Miguel was selected as a GMiS Delegate to help with STEM outreach programs. As a Delegate, he now speaks to underclassmen about his journey. He explains, “I help students realize that they can go to college and pursue any degree they want, and there are organizations like GMiS who want to see us succeed.”

In the Summer of 2020, Miguel will begin an internship in Utah as an environmental engineer. He plans to graduate with his bachelor’s degree in May of 2021 and pursue graduate studies in civil engineering.

Miguel’s civic service has set him apart as a valuable leader in the STEM community and as a GMiS Delegate. He explains why he strives so hard to help others fulfill their potential, “STEM fields show us the endless possibilities that we all are capable of. . . I think STEM is important because it is how we as a society challenge ourselves to be better and smarter thinkers and solve problems that make life easier.” Great Minds in STEM appreciates Miguel Gongora Melara’s dedication and proudly recognizes him as Delegate of the Week

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