Delegate of the Week

Mindy Ojeda      
University of California Merced

Mindy Ojeda has always had a strong will and determination to accomplish her goals. Her optimism and perseverance have played a key role in her academic journey. She notes, “I have always known I could do whatever I wanted to do. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do.” Now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California Merced, she attributes her interest in STEM to her high school mentor who introduced her to the fields. After becoming acquainted with a wide variety of career options, Mindy felt her decision to pursue an engineering degree was the obvious choice, “Everything about it sounded right.”

As a Hispanic student, Mindy has experienced how underrepresentation in STEM careers can initially be off-putting. Thankfully, she has found a strong support system at UC Merced. Through this network, she discovered valuable resources and organizations like Great Minds in STEM. She explains, “Since becoming involved in GMiS, I’ve been able to see professionals’ achievements and know that I could be them one day.”

Mindy was able to attend both the 2016 and 2017 HENAAC Conferences where she networked with industry representatives and students from across the country and participated in the College Bowl on the Walt Disney Team. Her selection as a Delegate stemmed from her role as a College Captain in the GMiS Viva Technology Program. Through the Delegate Program, she is able to reach out to younger students and engage them in STEM-based learning activities. In this way, she uses her fascination with the advancement of modern technology to inspire a new generation of innovators.

Mindy plans to graduate from UC Merced with her bachelor’s degree in May of 2020. She remarks on her time at the university, “There is so much opportunity to grow and actually make a real change. I have found a great sense of community at this institution.” As a result, Mindy has excelled throughout her undergraduate career, having completed a study abroad program at Lund University in Sweden and two internships at Build LACCD.

By following her dreams and sharing her experiences, she has set an excellent example for others—especially those who may be looking for the very same guidance she has found through her own mentors. GMiS would like to thank Mindy for her hard work and dedication to the STEM community and proudly recognizes her as Delegate of the Week.

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