Educator of the week

Alejandro C. Campos 
Downtown Magnet School

Assistant Principal
Los Angeles Unified School District
Favorite Teaching Subjects: HISTORY, SCIENCE, & COMPUTER SCIENCE 

Living out the dream that he and his family envisioned years ago, Mr. Alejandro “Alex” Campos has been a trailblazer in education for our underserved youth for over two decades. With a personal interest in the sciences, Alex naturally gravitated towards Great Minds in STEM™ (GMiS) to galvanize a community he holds close to his heart.  

As the youngest of two children, Alex was reared in a humble household in the Boyle Heights community of Los Angeles, California. A son of immigrant parents, his family had one focus growing up – stay in school and stay off the streets. Growing up in a neighborhood where territories were claimed by rival gangs, Alex's parents wouldn’t let their sons fall into the temptations of their surroundings.  Instead, they stayed true to their dream of giving their sons a better life than they had growing up. At the cornerstone of this vision was to ensure they were prepared with a solid education. With the pressures of the neighborhood being an easy distraction, Alex's family kept him focused by keeping him engaged with after-school activities to stimulate his academic and personal interest.   

A large portion of Alex’s life was spent in close proximity to the Boyle Heights community. It’s where he grew up, where he studied, and where he has spent a large portion of his professional career. He received both his bachelor's and master's degrees from nearby California State University, Los Angeles with a specific focus in Counseling – Principalship. He later continued his work in the community as a teacher at Hollenbeck Middle School. Here is where Mr. Campos was first introduced to GMiS. His passion towards teaching was fueled by his desire to be a true advocate for underserved students; an idea that is synonymous with the vision of GMiS. Upon being introduced to the organization in 2009, Mr. Campos was a key player that helped launch the STEM Up™ Initiative across Boyle Heights. Maintaining this partnership over the years, Mr. Campos has been extremely active with the organization participating in multiple Educator Summer Workshops, attending the K-12 Educators Institute at the HENAAC Conference, as well as being a community ambassador for the organization in Washington, DC. 

In his first year as an Assistant Principal at Downtown Magnets High School, Alex's goals for his new campus are STEM-driven. He wants to ensure he builds on the ongoing relationship with GMiS to provide his students and staff the benefits of being involved with STEM. Additionally he looks to increase access in these fields by coordinating initiatives focused around scholarships and educator professional development. 

Alex is a firm believer in STEM education. He often expresses, “if Great Minds in STEM was around while I was growing up, I would have been an engineer for the auto industry.” Thanks to his contributions, we can all prepare the next generation of students to aspire to be anything they dream of becoming – whether it’s a future principal or an automotive engineer! 

In his spare time, Alex is an outdoorsman; an avid skier, traveler, runner, and a self-proclaimed 300-bowler!

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