Educator of the week

Beatrice Arvie 
Scotlandville Magnet High School

East Baton Rouge Public Parish School District

One of Baton Rouge, Louisiana's most passionate and dedicated educators, Ms. Beatrice J. Arvie is a leader among her campus, role model for her students and an active ambassador of STEM. As an educator for the past 37 years, Ms. Arvie has inspired countless young people to pursue fields in STEM, actively engaging students in STEM activities to ignite their interest.

For the past 13 years, Ms. Arvie has been the Director of Academy of Engineering and Lead Magnet teacher at Scotlandville Magnet School in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a leading magnet school in Baton Rouge, Scotlandville Magnet School aims to "promote the maximum academic, physical, social, and emotional development of each student." Ms. Arvie and the entire Scotlandville Magnet High School faculty, understand that when it comes to education there is no time to waste. They believe in "quality instruction from bell to bell" and strive to instill this same commitment in the education of their students.

Growing up, Ms. Arvie spent a lot of time assisting her father, a carpenter, who ultimately influenced her to pursue a degree in industrial arts. Upon completing her education at Southern University and A & M College Baton Rouge, she began a career in the classroom. Inspired by her own teacher, Ms. Lee Ethel Gray, Ms. Arvie followed her passion for education and love for industrial arts and taught Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, and Communication to local middle school students. Some time after, Ms. Arvie moved to the high school level, where she taught Basic and Architectural Drafting before becoming the Director of Academy of Engineering and Lead Magnet Teacher. Remarkably, Ms. Arvie now teaches at the same high school she attended, within the same community she grew up in and attended college. Early on in her teaching career, Ms. Arvie saw a great need to fill careers in STEM professions. For the past 4 years, she has been a supporter of Great Minds in STEM (GMiS), and strongly believes in the organization's mission and vision. She has enthusiastically participated in several HENAAC conferences, at the K-12 Educators Institute, sharing best practices with fellow educators and bringing back new material to her magnet students. She continues to be a champion of GMiS’ educational programs and encourages student participation during its annual STEM Showdown, a national program that brings pre-college and college students together to compete in STEM-based competitions in an effort to gain STEM career awareness . Her dedication to student success reflects not only in their own passion for STEM, but in their overall achievements as well. Scotlandville Magnet High School was the first school to win the very first STEM Showdown in 2011. Over the past 3 years, Scotlandville Magnet students have continued to participate in hopes of earning first place once again.

This year, Ms. Arvie intends to further challenge her students, as she takes their college and career readiness preparation to the next level. She aims to offer more career shadowing opportunities, improve her students public speaking skills, and continue to develop their interpersonal skills in and outside of the classroom.

Recently awarded the Janet Linton Academy Director Leadership Award, Ms. Arvie continues to ensure Scotlandville Magnet School is preparing students for academic success. In her spare time, Ms. Arvie enjoys bird watching, fishing and watching criminal investigation shows.

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