Educator of the week

Dr. Chauncey D. Reese 
Sam Houston High School

Arlington Independent School District
Arlington, TX

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Germany, Dr. Chauncey D. Reese spent his childhood overseas while his parents proudly served in the Military. 

Growing up he was highly influenced by his grandmother, who immigrated to the United States after World War II and who did not have the opportunity to pursue a college education due to the various barriers she faced. Dr. Reese’s grandmother would be the key influence in his decision to pursue a doctorate degree by exposing him to books, supplying him with the necessary learning tools and introducing him to different languages! Because of this, there are several languages spoken in his immediate family. Outside of English, his mother and father have mastered German and Japanese respectively, while Dr. Reese is fluent in English and Spanish. “She instilled in my father and me the ‘pursuit’ to get all the formal education we possibly could because education is an equalizer,” says Dr. Reese.

Shortly after returning to the United States, Dr. Reese enrolled in Intermediate School where he would acquire the preparation and discipline needed to study at the university level. He later attended and graduated from Cameron University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Dr. Reese continued to pursue a higher education at The University of Phoenix where he received a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Technology. Eventually, he received his Doctorate from Walden University in Teacher Leadership.

Dr. Reese found his passion for teaching STEM while pursuing a graduate degree. It was during this time that he would come to understand what STEM had to offer him and his students and it also gave him the opportunity and understanding of how to apply it to real-life. He states, “As I began to see the landscape of technology change and more and more industries expecting these skills, I took responsibility to do what I could in my sphere of influence to ensure students knew the impact of STEM on our community and the nation’s well-being.”

Today, Dr. Reese serves as the Dean of Instruction for Sam Houston High School. When asked, “Why teaching?” He eagerly responds, “I didn’t choose to become a teacher, the vocation chose me!” Standing by the notion of living a life that adds value to others, he feels that teaching is the profession that allows him the opportunity to be a role model and inspire others who share a similar background, while giving them the courage to overcome any obstacle. Dr. Reece’s STEM goals for this academic year are to participate in a Viva Technology™ Program, while subsequently mentoring a partnership with Great Minds in STEM™ and the General Motors Corporation. By the end of the year, he foresees his students having “participated in an authentic STEM program and have accessed the experience and mentoring of STEM industry professionals needed to help guide their thinking and potential toward a STEM career.”

In his spare time, Dr. Reese enjoys exercising and exploring new and exotic foods.

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