Educator of the week

Gabriela Gutierrez 
Sheridan Street Elementary

Los Angeles Unified School District

 My name is Gabriela Gutierrez. I am a proud mother of two wonderful children and wife to an incredible man. Learning is a journey… I truly believe that life has given me the great opportunity to ignite the love of learning and walk in this journey with so many individuals. 

I knew that after I graduated from Cal State Los Angeles, I wanted to teach in the community of Boyle Heights. My community is filled with passionate individuals who aspire for greatness. My students have the same struggles that I had growing up. They come from low-income families, learning English as a second language, with hopes to be the first generation to attend college. I had the fortune of growing up with an amazing family who instilled great values and always held us accountable to do well in school. They would preach to us that we had the power to do great things. These are the roots that hold me here and drive me to work harder. 

The profession of a teacher is not glamorous but it certainly is a rewarding one. I have had the privilege to teach at Sheridan Street School for the past 14 years. We are the largest elementary school in Boyle Heights currently serving 1,200 students. 

Elementary teachers, we do it all! We teach all the core subjects plus more. But I was cognizant that our generation is changing and the demands of our students are too. I knew that I had to do more in order to get my students College and Career ready. 

Knowing the demands of our future generations, I decided to become actively involved with Great Minds in STEM™. This great organization brings students hands on activities and information on the various job fields that our country needs. Last summer, I attended Great Minds in STEM™ Summer Institute and I found that I can bring STEM into my classroom. Great Minds in STEM™ also invited me to 2014 HENAAC Conference in New Orleans. I had the pleasure to network and collaborate with many individuals from various industries. My heart was filled with honor and joy to see so many Hispanics setting the path for future Engineers and Scientists in the world. What an amazing experience! 

My motto is DON’T JUST LEARN IT! DO IT! This year my students were Engineers. They learned about the engineering process and worked collaboratively to build towers. They were Architects and applied architectural concepts in mathematics and designed a layout for an apartment. They were Aeronautical Engineers and learned about the principles of flight and designed and constructed rockets. It is our job to provide these experiences and broaden our students’ horizons. 

We are certainly on the path to greatness! Our school will be working closely with Great Minds in STEM™. Through the collaboration and support of the many members who work with Great Minds in STEM™, our school was granted a state of the art Science Lab. 

All students, regardless of where they live should be given great education that will set the path for their professional careers and the demands of the high skill work force. As an educator, mother, and advocate of my community; I ask you to invest in the future by supporting and becoming involved in Education.

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