Educator of the week

Gerardo Morada 
Hollenbeck Middle School

Los Angeles Unified School District
Favorite Teaching Subject: Math & Physics

Whether he is participating in a school contest or helping to coordinate a student competition on the middle school campus, Mr. Gerardo Morada has solidified himself as a STEM champion. As the current Teacher Ambassador for the STEM-Up™ initiative, Mr. Morada assists the Great Minds in STEM™ (GMiS) team to promote STEM and coordinate STEM activities on the Hollenbeck Middle School campus. Mr. Morada became involved with STEM-Up™ in the summer of 2010 and since then has participated in several Summer Teacher Workshops which STEM-Up™ conducts in partnership with the College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology at California State University Los Angeles. Always hoping to continue learning and coming up with new techniques and ideas on how to integrate STEM into his curriculum, he also participates in the K-12 Educator’s Institute conducted at the annual GMiS HENAAC conference. Since his involvement, Mr. Morada has coordinated many new STEM based activities like ImaginAction Fest and the STEM Door Competition across the campus just to name a few.

Mr. Morada is an international educator with three decades of teaching experience. He has remained true to his vocation and strongly believes in serving as a STEM steward for all of his students. When asked why he chose to become a teacher? His infectious smile said it all. "I like to share my talents and feel happy and great when someone is using the knowledge and values that I helped instill in them." He continues to share that passion for teaching and asks students to set goals for themselves through avenues that require imagination, exploration and creation. Goals that will undoubtedly make them an inspiration to other students and that convey to the world that “with the right dedication, hard work, perseverance and STEM support, everything is possible.”

A graduate of both Bicol University and De La Salle University in the Philippines, and California State University, Los Angeles, Mr. Morada, does all he can to guide his students through a path to higher education by sharing his own college and graduation accomplishments and achievements with them. His students often ask who inspired him to which he humbly states, "my very own math teacher made the difference in my life."

He has made it his personal goal to increase STEM awareness amongst his colleagues, students, and parents by using the resources he has gained as part of the STEM-Up initiative. Additionally, he has already committed to set new goals for 2015, to fill student climate with curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

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