Educator of the week

Lisa Ranney 
Ovey Comeaux High School

Lafayette Parish School System
11th & 12th grade Math and Science Teacher

Favorite Teaching Subjects: Calculus, Chemistry and Robotics

Throughout her 26 years as an educator, 11 of which have been at Ovey Comeaux High School, Ms. Lisa Ranney has taught multiple subjects to students in 9th -12th grades. As a current member of the school's Science department, she is well-known for routinely teaching advanced and accelerated math and science classes on her campus.

Ms. Ranney credits her mother as her inspiration for pursuing a career in academia. She recalls her mother voicing to her that she would be a good role model and inspire each student to overcome life's challenges by leaving a lasting impact on their performance not only in school but as contributing members of society. Ms. Ranney states that she wants "to make students realize that each of them are special and possess individual talents that can help the world be a better place." Besides teaching students the subject content, she feels it is important to teach them to become a respectful member of society. She believes that this teaching method will help them realize their dreams and reach their full potential.

The passion for her vocation extends beyond the classroom, as she has either organized or participated in multiple STEM programs on the school’s campus. Ms. Ranney started the Science Fair and Robotics (FIRST and VEX) and HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) to name a few. And, she's also been involved with a few STEM teams and clubs at Comeaux HS as well, like the Math Team, Science Bowl Team, Science Olympiad and Quiz Bowl.

Ms. Ranney likes to thank one of her college professors, Dr. Myers for being the most inspirational educator in her life. She vividly remembers Dr. Myers once telling her, "If you don’t teach them, who else will." To this day Ms. Ranney refers to that moment in her life as the instance where she realized that she had a lot to offer the students that would cross paths with her on their academic journey.

As a champion of STEM, she attended our 2013 K-12 Educators Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana to build on her professional development and add to her repertoire of teaching. She acknowledges that teaching STEM increases independent and critical thinking skills, which would be useful in any profession. But as she examines STEM from a national perspective, she mentions that our nation's future is closely linked to the success of current students in those fields. Her STEM goal for this school year is to have all of her students participate and experience a STEM event, competition or program. She hopes that by exposing them to the world of the STEM, it will increase their interest and confidence to major in a STEM field.

Lisa prides herself as an outdoorswoman, as she enjoys camping, kayaking and bicycling in her spare time - it's safe to assume she has a fondness for discovery and nature. And like most with a thirst for adventure, she enjoys trying and exploring new experiences throughout her travels.

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