Educator of the week

Michael Smith 
Magruder High School

Born in New York and raised in Poolesville, Maryland, Mr. Michael Smith has dedicated his life to education. He attended High Point University in North Carolina where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in business, with a concentration in computers and marketing. To further pursue his educational endeavors, Mr. Smith attended Trinity University in Washington, D.C for his master’s in education - social studies.

Being inspired as a senior in high school, Mr. Smith remembers “going to the elementary school to help students and enjoyed watching them learn.” It was then that Mr. Smith vowed to teach students and inspire them to do great things. He has now dedicated thirteen years of his life to motivating and inspiring young minds. For his first five years as an educator, Mr. Smith taught 6th-8th grade students at Briggs Chaney Middle School in Maryland. His students were fortunate enough to learn keyboarding in 6th grade and web design in the 8th grade. In his years at Briggs, he has shaped many minds. He states “I enjoyed teaching students new things about computers and their software to students who had never had the opportunity to use a computer before.” Mr. Smith’s passion for education has not only made him a great teacher and great role model to his young students but also a great coach. He somehow found the time to coach boys basketball and soccer teams during his time at Briggs.

Soon after teaching at Briggs, Mr. Smith escalated into a new chapter in his teaching career. He began teaching at Magruder High School, also in Maryland, where he has now been for eight years. He shares that one of his proudest memories in his years of teaching at Magruder has been, “be seeing students start their own clubs, take what I have taught them, and put it to use by building and teaching other.” He continues, “we have a Young Women in Engineering Club that I sponsor – to see these young women build, and enjoy what they are building is amazing!” It is quite evident that Mr. Smith has kept his vow of teaching his students and continually inspires them to do great things.

Mr. Smith enjoys teaching each and every courses, like IED (intro to Engineer and Design), DE (Digital Electronics), and EDD (Engineering Design and Development). He shares that, “through these courses I really get to see a student grow from the beginning of the course to its completion, and see them mature into a young adult ready for college and life.” Mr. Smith also encourages his students to achieve success outside of class. He promotes students to be more involved with STEM through internships, seminars, and joining clubs such as; NTHS (National Technology Honor Society), Young Women in Engineering club, and Robotics club. Through Mr. Smith’s leadership and commitment to his students, he was able to bring Great Minds in STEM’s Viva Technology program to Magruder in 2014.

Mr. Smith has many goals for his students and says, “my teaching goal is to make sure every student leaves class knowing more than they did when they first come into my classroom, and to believe that anything is possible. In my opinion, what you put in, is what you will get out.”

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Smith enjoys playing with and learning from his two children. Traveling, working on house projects, playing sports such as tennis, and golf are also some hobbies Mr. Smith enjoys. He also enjoys rooting for sports team such as the Mets. GO METS!!

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