Educator of the week

Nancy McIntyre 
Robotics Education and Competition Foundation

Regional Support Manager
Favorite Teaching Subject: Biology

Ms. Nancy McIntyre or "Nancy Mc" as she is affectionately known by her friends and family, has been in education in one way, shape or form for over 26 years. She grew up in New York and was really involved in school throughout her K-12 experience. She was active in a variety of extracurricular activities including sports and music. She even chuckles now reminiscing over the time that she got her guidance counselor in high school to add an extra class during lunch that wasn't traditionally taught at her school. Ms. McIntyre was an educator for the better part of 23 years before joining the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation three and a-half years ago. According to the foundation's website, Ms. McIntyre plays an instrumental role in managing the organization’s on-going curriculum development, spearheading international robotics initiatives, and organizing the REC Foundation STEM Hall of Fame.

From an early age, Ms. McIntyre knew she wanted to become a teacher, she vividly remembers walking into her kindergarten classroom as a student and knowing right then and there that she wanted to be an educator. She knew immediately that she belonged inside of a classroom at a very young age, which is something that isn't typical of many teachers. This is probably one of the main contributors to the passion that she has for her craft.

She also credits her band director - Mr. Don Larsen, as an inspirational teacher in her life that impacted her as a student. She states that he "led by example and demonstrated the characteristics" of what she thought an educator should be in-and-outside of the classroom. She admired how he stood up for things when they mattered most even though it was early in his career at the time when she was his student. On behalf of all those that have had the opportunity to work with Ms. McIntyre, we would like to thank Mr. Larsen for being an inspirational influence on her.

Naturally, since she is good at science and it's one of her passions within education, she began her career teaching science. Having enjoyed being a teacher and working with students for a majority of her career, she then shifted her attention to working with STEM teachers to make a greater difference. She made this transition because she felt that if she was able to positively impact teachers, this would translate into better results for all students that they served. One of her goals is to empower teachers to be successful and to encourage more girls to become involved in robotics. One of her points of emphasis in working with adults within education is to remind them that "it is all about what the students are learning in the process" more so than the end results. As a champion of STEM, she hopes that all students learn to ask questions, look for answers, analyze what they find and make the best decision they can based on what is most important.

During her spare time, Nancy loves to travel, which helps explain her love and enthusiasm for her current position spearheading robotics initiatives throughout the globe. She is also a huge baseball fan (she declined to state her favorite team) and more importantly she states that she would be in heaven if she was able to dip into a pool on a daily basis.

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