Educator of the week

Pamela Virden 
Lake International School

Pamela Virden was born and raised in Ft. Collins, Colorado where as a child she was encouraged to explore her passion for sports, science and music.
After completing her high school studies, Ms. Virden started to think of what career path she wanted to take. She initially decided to study both music and psychology since she could not decide between her love of science and music. Eventually, she decided to move toward music education because of her connection and drive to teach and help develop young minds. Ms. Virden fulfilled her goal and went on to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music education from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
As she concludes her outstanding 19th year as a teacher and leader at public schools, Ms. Virden continues to strive towards expanding the creativity of her 5th grade students, while simultaneously serving as the Technology Coordinator and Assistant Principal at Lake International School in Denver, Colorado. Ms. Virden is enjoying her role as a music teacher and watching her students use the entire brain to learn and use their skills. She understands that music provides an expressive and creative emotional outlet for a student that is incomparable in other content areas.
Great Minds in STEM recently conducted a Viva Technology program at Lake International School, and  hopes that programs like these will continue to encourage her students to be involved in STEM through their class work, technology electives and college and career connection. In regards to key program successes, Ms. Virden was impressed with the direct connection her students had with hands-on and engaging science work and to STEM careers, as well as the Near-Peer interactions between the college students and her students.

Ms. Virden finds time to pursue other passions outside of work, by exploring the outdoors and spending quality time with her family. 

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