Educator of the week

Randy Romero 
Hollenbeck Middle School

Los Angeles Unified School District
Favorite Subjects: Math, History and Science

Mr. Romero has been in education for over a decade, with experience in multiple roles in- and-out of the classroom as an educator. He is a product of the Los Angeles Unified School District where he attended school in his hometown of El Sereno, CA. A graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, Mr. Romero is also a Bruin to the core: Champions made here! - as he received multiple degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) beginning with Bachelor's Degrees in History and Latin American Studies with Honors as an undergraduate. He later went on to receive his Master's and Doctorate degrees in Education at UCLA as well. He is not only a champion for the community that he serves but is a Champion of STEM education.

Back to where he started, Mr. Randy Romero is currently the Principal of Hollenbeck Middle School in the heart of Boyle Heights. A small community in Los Angeles that's rich in history, pride and tradition. The school is, and has been, a safe haven for many youth and it is common to have multiple generations from one family be alumni of the school. Over the years the school has gone through vibrant changes in its landscape but one constant remains over time, and that is the dedication of the faculty, staff and administration. Mr. Romero being a prime example of this school-wide culture, as he began his professional journey as an educator on this campus.

His young professional career in Education at Hollenbeck Middle School, included him undertaking multiple roles in his early tenure on the campus. Some of those roles included being a multi-subject teacher in the classroom and a Mathematics Coach outside of the classroom. As a Math Coach he helped to institute peer observations and facilitated public sharing of student math data to develop a culture of collaboration within the Math Department. His skill range as an educator was never more evident than when he became an Intervention Coordinator and Professional Development Coordinator, a dual role that requires working with both students and educators on a variety of levels requiring different skills and techniques for each group. As an intervention coordinator Mr. Romero was able to develop a data based intervention system that targeted students' instructional needs in 5-10 week cycles that yielded significant gains in pre-to-post test data.

After a few years at Hollenbeck Middle School, Mr. Romero decided to pursue new challenges and opportunities to advance his career and was appointed the founding Principal of the Math, Science and Technology Magnet Academy (MSTMA) at Roosevelt High School. The mission of MSTMA is to ensure that all students are prepared with the skills, knowledge, and passion needed to graduate from a four-year University, and/or successfully pursue the career of their choice. I this role he oversaw approximately 400 students and over twenty Faculty and Staff members. The MST Magnet Academy had a very successful graduation rate, increased its API score several times, and consistently made its Annual Yearly Progress Goals under his leadership. Mr. Romero was renowned for being able to work collaboratively with teachers to develop a democratic shared governance structure, since its inception as a small learning community he was able to bolster the school’s Math, Science, and Technology theme by instituting several key STEM related Advanced Placement Courses like AP Physics, and AP Chemistry. He was also able to work with staff members to offer new courses like Exploring Computer Science and Desktop publishing to create a Career and Technical Education Pathway for students as an alternative to the traditional school structure.

During his spare time, Randy enjoys spending quality time with his family. He is the proud father of three young boys. He shares that with his busy schedule as a Principal family time is sometimes few and far between. Don't be surprised to see him at a sporting event playing the role of dad to his boys as they all enjoy the 7th inning stretch and Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

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