Educator of the week

Rene Arevalo 
Dena Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District
6th Grade Teacher
 Favorite Teaching Subject: Math: Algebra and Geometry

For over 15 years Mr. Rene Arevalo has called Christopher Dena Elementary his home away from home. An elementary school teacher with a passion for math and science, he is preparing his students to be the next wave of  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent and technical workforce. 

Mr. Arevalo vividly remembers his high school biology teacher that inspired him to explore the possibility of becoming a teacher. His biology teacher was professional in his interactions with the students and treated everyone fair and equal. One of the things that he admired most about him was that he engaged the students "to want to learn." Mr. Arevalo chose to become a teacher because he wanted to see firsthand the difference one can make in the community they serve – he wants to be able to guide and influence the lives of many. 

As far as his education pathway that prepared him for a career in the classroom, Mr. Arevalo attended California State University Long Beach for both his undergraduate degree and Credential Program in Teaching. He states that he chose CSU Long Beach because "it provides an excellent program for students who are seeking to become educators." A proud Long Beach State 49er, he enjoyed the fact that the school was located near the beach since he is an avid beach-goer and likes the seaside community lifestyle.  

As previously stated, Mr. Arevalo's favorite subjects are Algebra and Geometry, that is why he enjoys teaching Mathematics. He believes that math is a universal language, students from different parts of the world that are studying these subjects are covering the same material no matter their native language . As a Teacher Ambassador on his campus, Mr. Arevalo enjoys promoting STEM not only in his classroom but for the entire school. He believes STEM is a great resource for students at a young age to get involved with technology and science and has been assigned with leading some of the school's science education. He states, "it is an excellent tool for them to develop skills of learning that are lasting." Some of the goals that he has in place for this year include: having his students create alternative energy model cars and tackle some Physical Life experiments, amongst an array of other STEM hands-on activities.

Aside from enjoying a rewarding career at the same school for the last 15 years, which he has enjoyed every minute of, he also takes pleasure in being a world traveler and feels fortunate to have visited so many different countries. His favorite part of traveling is being able to see the cultures and interactions of different people around the world. He is blessed to be in a profession that allows him the time and resources to see the world in his down time and it is something that he has taken advantage of on numerous occasions. He will no doubt continue experiencing other cultures and countries during his summers off and add to his collection of post cards from around the world.

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