Educator of the week

Rene Rodriguez 
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal School

Growing up in a first generation Mexican family and community, Rene Rodriguez always knew that becoming and continuing to be a strong academic leader required great commitment and determination.

Beginning at a young age, Rene had a passion for sports and science. Through the guidance and motivation of his high school basketball coach, Mr. Robles, Rene discovered his first steps in pursuing higher education. Mr. Robles saw Rene’s work ethic on the court and always acknowledged how Rene can transfer the same ethic into his studies. Inspired by his coach, Rene realized that he too, could have an impact on the youth within his community. Rene attended East Los Angeles College for two years where he first completed his general education courses. He later transferred to California State University, Los Angeles and received his B.S in kinesiology with an emphasis in education along with his California teaching credential in physical education and science. “My passions for science and math, as well as technology, were a natural segway for my involvement in STEM. I have always found it fascinating how both disciplines are so closely dependent on each other.”

Currently as a middle school teacher at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal School, Rene is able to channel his excitement in STEM by incorporating math and science into his curriculum. A few of his teaching goals are exposing students to the many career fields involved in STEM showing his students that STEM education is relevant to their everyday lives. “I find both these goals to be immensely important in order for students to generate interest in this field. Many students go through their schooling without making connections to real life situations.” Rene goal is to develop the student’s minds and interests to pursue careers that they will ultimately be passionate about.

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