Educator of the week

Bruce Bivins 
Theodore Roosevelt


Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

Favorite Teaching Subjects: History, Poetry, Logic and Math

With an immense ambition to encourage Roosevelt High School students to pursue higher education and spark interest to pursue careers within Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medical (STEM) fields, Mr. Bruce Bivins reminds students of their unlimited abilities and potential for future greatness.

The youngest of three children, Bruce was born and raised in the adventurous city of Seattle, Washington. Growing up, he proved to be extremely athletic and played soccer and baseball as early as kindergarten all the way through his senior year of high school. With multiple talents and interests, Bruce picked up the trombone in the 4th grade and continued playing throughout his high school career, carrying 1st chair all four years of high school. In addition to sports and music, Bruce enjoyed continuous learning; gaining as much knowledge and experience as possible through his involvement in extracurricular activities. He was on the wrestling team, ran track and field, competed in gymnastics and played for his high school’s football team. Bruce would still find the time to attend social events such as games, matches, meets, tournaments and play-off’s with friends from all groups and interests alike.

Motivated to positively impact public education and foster the ambition to learn, Bruce sought to pursue his goal and become an educator. “I deeply believe that every student has the ability to succeed, and it is the job of the teacher to establish the relationship and create the conditions for learning to be meaningful, authentic and desired by each student,” he shares.

Twenty years later, Bruce is doing just that! He attended the University of Washington where he earned his master’s in education and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education Leadership. Bruce has been an administrator at Roosevelt High School for 5 years and has made compelling improvements to advance the presence of STEM on campus. Having whole-hearted understanding of the demand to produce quality STEM professionals, he initiated the College & Career Pathways Program, which embraces STEM fields in the health and medical arena along with technology and engineering opportunities at Roosevelt. “These areas have the largest forecast for employment opportunities across the globe for the next decade, and provide employment with living wage,” he states.

In a continuous effort to expose his students to STEM opportunities, this year Bruce will have all 10th grade students complete their first year of a 3-year CTE sequence to ultimately earn certification in an area of their choice by their senior year. This will expose students to industry professionals, mock interviews and overall preparation of future employment and simultaneously give them the opportunity to compete in robotics, cyber-patriot and coding competitions. Additionally, they will complete integrated hands-on projects for exhibitions and get a chance to visit an industry within their career where they will interview for a summer internship within that industry. 

Bruce firmly believes that everything surrounding you is a learning prospect. He encourages his students to adopt this belief every day. Bruce hopes that his students’ high school experience has prepared them for both college and career readiness. His goal is that they move on to the next chapter in their academic lives with strong literacy skills, robust reading, writing, and communication skills and a growth mindset. He adds, “I want my STEM students to be powerful learners empowered to lead.” 

In his spare time, Bruce enjoys all outdoors adventures, especially taking part in obstacle course mud races, mountain climbing and scuba diving.

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