Educator of the week

Sheila Lumod 
Edna Karr High School

Inspire NOLA Charter School
Orleans Parish District
Favorite Teaching Subject: Biology, Environmental Science

As a passionate educator with over 20 years of teaching experience under her belt, Ms. Sheila C. Lumod is preparing her students to be amongst the next wave of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent and technical workforce. Described by her peers as a humble educator with immense pride in her craft, Sheila has been a science teacher and a proud member of the Edna Karr High School family for the past 9 years.

As a young girl, Sheila spent much of her time shadowing her mother, a Physics and Math teacher in the Philippines. She recalls the immense amount of respect, gratitude and love students would show her mother, as she left a lasting impact on their lives. Many of them still often visit her years after graduating to express their appreciation for her dedication to their success. In awe of her mother's ability to command the attention of so many students and positively impact their lives, she eagerly began to follow in her footsteps. Sheila vividly recalls helping her mother grade student exams, which gave her a sense of pride and provided her with inspiration to strive for her own career success. Shelia states that it gave her a sense of fulfillment "worth more than all the money in the world." Inspired by the endless rewards of an educator, she instinctively looked forward to teaching her own group of students. With her mind set on following her mother's footsteps as an educator, Ms. Lumod received her bachelor's degree in secondary education in biology and general science from St. Theresa's College in the Philippines. And, five years later, she attended Miriam College, to earn a master's degree in environmental education.

Sheila doesn't simply see being a teacher as a job, but rather as a lifelong career and vocation. "I chose to become a teacher because teaching is the noblest profession,"  she explains. Believing in the prestige of her craft, she leads every science class with unmatched honor and dedication. She is not only a teacher, but a lifelong student, learning alongside all the young people in her classroom. Enjoying that science is an inquiry based learning process that involves many concepts. They enthusiastically explore the world of science together.

Sheila has been a long time champion of STEM and her efforts have exposed students to many STEM college and career pathways. Science being her strong suit, she refers to STEM as "the essence of science education in responding to the signs of the times." She continues, "the brain of today's young people is wired differently and they are very adept to the use of technology." As an educator, she understands that exposing herself and her students to today's STEM related topics enables her to stay current with any changes and new developments, which helps her be more relevant to the students that she serves by actively engaging them in various STEM based learning. She recognizes the depleting nature of our country's STEM workforce and the importance of developing the next crop of skilled professionals to take their place.

With a commitment to her continuous learning as the driving force, Sheila actively participates in many STEM focused workshops, trainings and professional developments. Her goal being that she wants to bring as many resources back to her students, campus and the community that she serves. She has participated in the past two K-12 Educator's Institutes for Great Minds in STEM™ at the organization's annual HENAAC Conference, collaborating with educators from across the country to support student success in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As the academic year comes to end, Sheila continues to help students grasp science concepts by incorporating STEM into biology and environmental science. Her goal for the year is to ensure all of her students are equipped with the necessary science and math skills to attend the college of their choice.

In her spare time she enjoys reading about nature for leisure as well as reading up on the current STEM trends to stay up to date with any new developments that she can incorporate into her curriculum. She also enjoys communing with nature as she explores the outdoors every chance she gets.

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