Educator of the week

Sheila Schatzke 
Deepwater Jr. High School

Ms. Sheila Schatzke has been in the education field for 14 years. She began her career as a 5th grade teacher and in 2007 moved to Deer Park Independent School District in Deer Park, Texas, where she has been working as a Campus Technology Integration Specialist ever since.

Sheila’s rise to the top of the education field was no easy feat. As a teenager, her parents divorced, which left her with a lack of focus in school. As a result, Sheila quit high school but quickly recognized the value of an education. She worked hard and eventually received a GED. With a new outlook on life, Sheila knew that she had to attend college to get ahead in the world. She chose to study education at the University of Houston and after graduating, began to teach 5th grade. During this time, Sheila also discovered her passion for using technology in the classroom and quickly found her niche as “the technology guru” at her school. When Sheila learned that there was a master’s instructional technology program offered at the University of Houston Clear Lake, she knew that was the path she wanted to take. She feels it was a great decision and loves her current job, especially since she now has the opportunity to use technology in all content areas and promotes the use of technology in a constructive and productive way.

Sheila is especially excited to start this school year because they are initiating their Empower Program, where 7th grade students have received iPads and next year all students will have an iPad, too. She’s also continuing her work as the assistant Robotics coach, a role she has taken on for the past 9 years and thoroughly enjoys.

Sheila’s goals for this year is to work with students to use a 3-D printer to utilize the design process for creating something that align with STEM objectives. She fully supports STEM and the use of technology awareness among the students as a career path and is working hard to prepare them for the rigor that is involved to succeed.

Sheila enjoys traveling and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in learning technologies for the University of North Texas.

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