Educator of the week

Wendy Gutierrez 
Sunrise Elementary

Los Angeles Unified School District
6th Grade Teacher
Favorite Teaching Subject: Language Arts, History and Science!

Now in her 15th year as an educator, Wendy Gutierrez is currently a 6th grade teacher at Sunrise Elementary School in the Los Angeles community of Boyle Heights. Wendy’s admiration for teaching came about during elementary school when she volunteered at her aunt’s classroom during the summer. This experience instilled in Wendy an intrigue and passion that has carried her through her professional career.

The first step in Wendy’s professional journey started with higher education. After high school, Wendy attended California State University, Northridge where she would earn a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and shortly thereafter attained a multi subject teaching credential from California State University, Los Angeles.

A native Angeleno, Wendy decided that her teaching career would be spent educating the students that made up the community she grew up in. After graduating from college, Wendy went back to the community of Boyle Heights and began her teaching career at Sunrise, where she has remained since. Wendy’s teaching style has been one greatly influenced by her inspiration, her aunt, who made teaching fun. She recalls her uneasiness with science as a young student. “Science was not my favorite subject growing up because it wasn’t taught in a fun and engaging way.” Wendy has used this experience as motivation to inspire her own students to continue to explore and be motivated by STEM. “I became involved with STEM because I wanted to provide my students with hands-on experiences and provide opportunities for them to collaborate and take ownership of their learning,” she states. Wendy has set specific goals for her students this academic year. She wants them to thoroughly understand the scientific process and be able to create STEM science projects for the school’s science fair. She hopes that this will instill a passion for science and a greater understanding about the projects that they create and have the ability to explain to others what their projects represent.

Wendy feels very passionately about teaching and while her commitment to her students is still a priority, she is ready to pursue a career in administration. She is currently working on a master’s degree in educational administration at Concordia University and strongly believes that as a school administrator, she can make a difference and create changes for her students, school, and community.

An avid movie and concert goer, Wendy spends her free time reading, listening to music, shopping, watching football and attending Angels baseball games!

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