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Adriana Gonzalez      

As the go-to person for all products pertaining to the Applications Technology Team (ATG) at Oracle, Adriana Gonzales is a proven self-starter with excellent analytical, organizational, and creative skills. Considered a "guru" for her competency in all areas of engineering, the Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer is committed to providing solutions to customer-related problems, and ensures that their critical work is covered sufficiently 7 days a week at the highest level of Technical Support possible.

An intelligent and motivated individual who has been a big help on the transition of new products to the Support Team, Adriana works diligently to ensure nothing critical gets dropped and researches new technologies that she presents to her peers. Her ability to handle all customer related issues, regardless of severity or complexity is what has helped her achieve consistent high customer satisfaction on all calls.

Adriana began her career in 1992 at the University of Mexico working as a System Analyst and Oracle Database Administrator and in 1996, she started with Oracle Mexico supporting all Oracle Applications products. Two short years later, she moved to Oracle USA, working in the Latin America Division (LAD) where she would support all Oracle Applications products, including the coordination and managing of escalated accounts. In 2004, Adriana moved to the Application Technology Group (ATG) where she currently supports 5 Oracle Application products and works directly with customers who are experiencing critical problems.

According to her peers, the Workflow is probably one of the most complex pieces of technology that make up the infrastructure of Oracle's Ebusiness Suite Applications and Adriana Gonzalez has mastered that better than anyone in Oracle Support. Highly respected by her co-workers and management, Adriana handles some of the most difficult Workflow issues globally.

One who is always willing to provide guidance in her areas of expertise, Adriana works diligently to successfully mentor several of her peers to rise above and beyond their potential. Adriana is a key of success for her team as she transmits all the knowledge to her peers and motivates them to improve the quality of the service provided to Oracle's customers. Adriana has participated at Oracle Open World (San Francisco) and has been recognized with various honors within the Oracle Global community. Her most recent awards were the GCS Service Award and Global Customer Satisfaction Award Tier2, which she received in 2012.

Adriana received her Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the University of Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico and her Master's degree in Information Technology Management from Colorado Technical University.

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