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Alejandrina Berenice Navarro      
Chrysler Group LLC

Alejandrina Berenice Navarro was born and raised in Mexico. Her father, a computer systems engineer, and her mother a psychologist, instilled in her and her siblings very early on, the value of an education and a strong work ethic. At the age of 19, Alejandrina was already working as a full-time designer for an automotive systems company while concurrently pursuing her college degree. During that period of time she was recognized for being an example of excellence and obtained an Intellectual Property Award for a patent prior to receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering.

A wide range of experiences later, Alejandrina is currently an accomplished Fuel Systems Lead for Chrysler Group LLC, Engine Systems, Mexico Organization. Responsible for the success of product development of programs assigned to their Santa Fe, Mexico City office, Alejandrina leads engineers in charge of heavy and light duty truck fuel lines, Mexico's market truck, Ducato Van, Fiat 500 and Journey fuel system. Through her 11 year Automotive Industry experience and leadership in the design area, she facilitated the increase in capabilities of the Mexico Fuel Systems team.

During her time at Chrysler LLC, Alejandrina has played key roles in leading teams to meet various vehicle launch objectives. In 2013, she led the Engine Systems team (fuels, exhaust, cooling and air intake) of the 2013MY RAM Truck. Successfully completing this three month assignment, she was able to pull together support from the other areas including line operators, vehicle line managers and the launch team to meet the launch objectives. She was also instrumental in meeting the objectives for the launch of the Duel Systems components, managing and integrating the activities and timings from Engineering Manufacturing and several suppliers. Alejandrina coordinates component release for specific model requirements, leads technical specifications to support sourcing of fuel components that are new for a specific program, manages all product cards and provides the interface of procurement.

Currently residing in Toluca, Estado de Mexico, Alejandrina remains very close to her parents and siblings and enjoys spending time with her 2 year-old daughter, Emma. She actively recruits candidates to study engineering in Ciudad Juarez and Toluca and is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. She earned her Bachelor's in Mechatronics Engineering and a Master's in Automotive Engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.

In October of 2013, Great Minds in STEM showcased Alejandrinas' accomplishments during the 25th Anniversary HENAAC conference where she was the recipient of a Luminary Award.

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