STEM Professional of the week

Angel F. Rodriguez      
U.S. Navy

Name: LCDR Angel Francisco Rodriguez
Title: Submarine Officer, Advance Course Director,
Dept: Submarine School Navigator, Submarine Base New London
Organization: U.S. Navy

As the Submarine Officer Advanced Course Director, Lieutenant Commander Angel Francisco Rodriguez mentors upcoming submarine Department Heads in the areas of personnel management, tactical forethought and casualty response. In this role, he is directly responsible for the training and professional development of the Submarine Forces next generation of leaders. Before joining the U.S. Navy, he attended St. John University and graduated with a degree in Mathematics. Selection to the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program would take him on two tours on submarines and one tour on a destroyer squadron. As a submarine naval officer, he was invested in solving engineering issues associated with operating a sophisticated nuclear powered warship submerged at sea for months without external support. Through his sea tours, first as a nuclear division officer and later as the Navigation/Operations Officer, he demonstrated outstanding engineering, tactical and leadership expertise that would lead to his being hand selected to his current assignment. His career with the Navy allows LCDR Rodriguez to promote diversity as an enthusiastic role model. Born to hardworking parents with roots in Ecuador, this first generation American is proud to share his story and personal philosophy when speaking to aspiring engineering students. The Navy also inspired him to continue with his academic endeavors between sea duty assignments. He earned a Masters in Information Systems and Operations from the Naval Postgraduate School, a Masters in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University and is currently pursuing a third Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. LCDR Rodriguez is married and the father of three children. He was recently honored at the HENAAC 2012 with the Military & Civilian Hero Award.

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