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Calline Sanchez      
IBM Corporation

Professional Achievement Level 1 – Industry
Vice President, IBM Systems Storage
Program Management

The rapid expansion of data-intensive computing technologies like the cloud and big data has coincided with a 70-fold growth in storage needs, a growth rate that’s only expanding. Calline Sanchez is charged with keeping IBM at the forefront of this arena. She directs two organizations within IBM, Disk Storage, and Data Protection & Retention, what’s traditionally been tape storage. As the director of both initiatives – the only IBM employee with director level responsibilities or higher for multiple product or service lines – she must develop overall strategic product direction that sustains IBM as the world-wide leader in this market space. She must also oversee the progression and evolution of these technologies to ensure they’re fully integrated into IBM’s larger Smarter Computing strategy.

On top of her expanded responsibilities as the recently promoted Vice President of IBM Systems Storage, Ms. Sanchez’ duties span the development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of an impressive portfolio of systems. The IBM System Storage® TS3500 Tape Library is its flagship product line. It combines IBM automation and drive technology to provide a highly scalable, automated information bank for IBM System z® and open-systems backup and archiving that can scale from midrange to enterprise environments. The IBM virtual tape servers meet the disk-based data protection needs of the enterprise data center while enabling significant infrastructure cost reductions. IBM ProtecTIER® Deduplication solutions, featuring revolutionary and patented HyperFactor® data deduplication technology, provide enterprise-class performance and scalability, and a proven enterprise-level data protection platform designed to quickly and safely protect business information while reducing the amount of space required for storage. The Linear Tape File System provides direct, intuitive and graphical access to data stored in IBM tape drives and libraries. The Crossroads Read Verify Appliance (RVA) proactively validates the integrity of tape backup systems and affords a simple, real-time way to monitor, track, and report on performance, utilization and health of tape devices and tape media. In total, Ms. Sanchez manages a team of 450 scientists and development engineers with an annual budget of $100 million supporting revenue of close to $2 billion, with team members scattered across the United States, Mexico, Israel, Switzerland and Japan.

Calline began her career at IBM as a co-op in Markov Chain Statistical Tools. In 2008, she worked on temporary assignment at IBM Corporate Headquarters in Armonk, New York, where she served under Nicholas M. Donofrio, IBM Fellow, Executive Vice President Innovation and Technology. In this role, she visited over 25 countries, engaged in projects that Mr. Donofrio led within Innovation, Technology, Government Programs, Corporate Citizenship, IBM Research, and Education programs. Prior to IBM, she worked at Sandia National Laboratories as a coder, database developer, and lab technician on various U.S. Department of Energy projects.

Over the years, Calline has become a role model for both women in engineering and Hispanics. She is an active member of the Climate Advisory Council, SHPE and NSHMBA organizations. She has been involved in community outreach by supporting eWeek at many K-12 schools, La Familia Technology Week in Southern Arizona, La Red and EXITE Camps. She is the eldest of seven children and credits her parents for instilling in her a strong commitment to life-long education.

Ms. Sanchez earned a bachelor’s degree in communication, a Bachelor of Science degree in management information systems, and an MBA degree all from the University of Arizona.

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