STEM Professional of the week

Commander John F. Barresi      
U.S. Coast Guard

Through his 21 years of dedicated service to our nation, Commander John F. Barresi continuously demonstrates the highest levels of professional accountability and integrity. In 2013, as an ideal selection for this assignment, he assumed the duties and responsibilities as Commanding Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit in Juneau, Alaska, where he leads a diverse team of engineering and contracting professionals completing construction and maintenance projects throughout the harsh and expansive state. He well exceeds expectations in this demanding role while addressing the most complex engineering challenges working with public and private stakeholders.

CDR Barresi originally served as a U.S. Navy officer and in 1995 was commissioned in the U.S. Coast Guard as an inter-service transfer. His first Coast Guard tour was in Facilities Engineering at the Coast Guard Academy as Project Manager and Construction Safety Officer. Subsequent assignments include civil engineering Unit Miami, Facilities Design & Construction Center.

The pinnacle of CDR Barresi’s career came during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita when he led over $135 million of facility recapitalization efforts throughout the Gulf Coast. His effort enabled Coast Guard missions to resume expeditiously and culminated in his selection as the 2010 Coast Guard Engineer of the Year.

As a mentor and coach, CDR Barresi actively promotes junior enlisted and officer corps in professional development and is the strongest advocate for continuing education and professional registration for engineers and architects. Advancing from enlisted to Senior Officer in some of the most diverse assignments, CDR Barresi serves as a role model for the Hispanic community. He shares his experiences, lessons learned, and professional advice through his involvement in numerous forums including National Hispanic Heritage and community events. Through his unwavering commitment to values of mutual respect and championing of professional growth, CDR Barresi serves as a force multiplier in cultivating the technical workforce to support our world’s engineering challenges of tomorrow.

CDR Barresi holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Puerto Rico, College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts and earned a master’s degree in Building Construction and Integrated Facilities Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and has two Meritorious Service Medals, a Commendation Medal and two Achievement Medals. CDR Barresi was honored with a Military Luminary Award at Great Minds in STEM’s HENAAC STEM Career Conference this past October in Pasadena, CA.

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