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David Jauregui      
Texas Instruments

David Jauregui found his passion for engineering in the form of an electric control car at the age of 7, when he took it upon himself to troubleshoot and repair the broken toy for fear that the alternative would leave him toy less. This small but fundamental action, exposed David to a new world of batteries, switches and all sorts of different electronic components but most of all introduced him to a genuine affinity for the engineering field.

A first-generation Mexican-American, David learned from his parents that an education would be the key for his future success. David’s parents lived a farmer's lifestyle and having immigrated to this country, they did not know how to involve themselves with the U.S. educational system in order to take advantage of the available programs. Although they were unable to provide guidance or the financial backing for David to continue his education, they did provide unwavering support, motivation and encouragement for the completion of his engineering degree.

With a full time job and a high school diploma under his belt, David decided to pursue an electrical engineering degree. He enrolled at ITT Technical Institute, which would allow him to continue working full time and take classes in the evenings. While attending school, David was hired by International Rectifier to work as an entry-level test engineer. Although this position required him to take a significant pay cut from what he was making in his full time job, David knew this would be the opportunity that would give him the necessary experience and lead to a career in his chosen field of electrical engineering. His intuition proved correct.

Today, David works as an Advanced Technology Manager for Texas Instruments (TI), where he heads an industry leading team of innovators in the creation of Low, Medium and High Voltage MOSFET device technology development. He also leads the system and applications and the test development teams for the MOSFET business unit. In the past five years with the company, David has enabled other TI product lines to use the MOSFET technologies to create highly differentiated power products.

David is known for his ability to recognize next generation and innovation technologies. His technical achievements are rooted in a deep understanding of market and consumers’ needs, which result in outstanding business success. Over the course of his 18 year career, he has acquired 4 patents and developed more than 30 innovative products that generated over $600 million in revenue. His career has been focused on the development of power semiconductors in an industry that has seen an exponential rate of growth and change. His involvement in the design and the development of leading-edge power semiconductors has led to the creation of industry-leading products that drive not only innovation, but cost and size.

David graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and received a master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Southern California. He currently lives in Pennsylvania and is married with four children. David was honored by Great Minds in STEM in October with a 2014 Luminary Award.

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