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Estrella Rogel, Ph.D.      

Dr. Estrella Rogel was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Caracas is the capital, and largest city in Venezuela.

She began her professional career, at the Department of Analytical Chemistry in Venezuela’s PDVSA Intevep, shortly after completing her master’s degree. In 2001, Dr. Rogel moved to the United States where she worked as a consultant in the Florida area, working on molecular modeling and characterization of crude oils. Six years later, she made another big move, this time landing in California where she would begin her long-term working relationship with Chevron – an American multinational energy corporation.  

Dr. Rogel has been with the Chevron for close to a decade and is considered Chevron’s asphaltene fouling and compatibility subject matter expert. She is currently a senior staff scientist and the lead researcher for their Petroleum and Characterization Unit, where she manages technical-services and research projects aimed at the development and evaluation of new technologies to deal with fouling and sediment formation in refineries and petroleum production facilities. 

Dr. Rogel has raised the bar for the entire unit, a group of more than 70 talented scientists, engineers, and technicians. She is responsible for many successful research proposals and as a result Chevron’s heavy oil research team is sought out by many researchers and engineers in Chevron, and has been recognized by petroleum engineers and refinery personnel in the field. 
Throughout her 25 years of industrial career, Dr. Rogel has continued to be very active in her specialty, with a publication record that includes 46 papers in peer-reviewed journals, three book chapters, 24 conference publications, 49 conference presentations, and is the inventor or co-inventor of 12 patent applications. 

In addition to her outstanding contributions to the petroleum industry and to Chevron, Dr. Rogel has been committed to mentoring young chemists. During her years in Venezuela, she co-mentored several undergraduate theses, internships and participated as juror for undergraduate/graduate theses.  Dr. Rogel is particularly committed to the advance of Latin-American women in science and technology. More recently, she was proud to participate in the first Bay Area “Latinas in STEM 101 Conference,” aimed to inspire middle school girls into engineering and science careers.
Dr. Rogel holds a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. in chemistry from Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela.  

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