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Fernando J. Rosario      

Throughout two decades as a professional, Fernando Rosario has established a robust body of work, which exemplifies leadership, stewardship and innovation.

Fernando’s journey began in the small coastal city of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico with his father whose own work as an electrician inspired and motivated Fernando to work hard for success. Throughout childhood, he always considered math to be his favorite subject and early on discovered his passion for “figuring things out” by tinkering with objects. By the time he was ready to commit to a college, Fernando was sure that engineering would be the professional route he would take. This decision meant that Fernando would leave his hometown right after highs school to pursue higher education at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. In 1996, Fernando fulfilled his goal and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer and electrical engineering.

Shortly after graduating, Fernando joined Accenture, a professional services company providing solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. After holding several positions within the organization, Fernando currently hold the title of North America Talent Acquisition Lead. In this role, he manages the programs and initiatives directed toward hiring the best and most qualified candidates from a diverse pipeline, including gender, ethnicity, military, LGBT, and people with disabilities. He recruits from a divers pipeline of talent that includes all backgrounds. Fernando is also the national lead for the organization’s Hispanic Employee Resource group, where he oversees the program and activities that recruit, develop, and retain Latino employees.

As an Executive coach, Fernando has taken his gift to inspire and to get the best out of others. With his coaching certification, he has provided executive coaching to hundreds of Hispanics within and outside of Accenture. In 2007, he founded the company Exeq-path, which is dedicated to the professional development of minority students, managers, and executives.

Outside of his work commitments, Fernando dedicates time to adrenaline sports. An avid skydiver, Fernando also keeps busy by riding motorcycles, kite surfing and perhaps more importantly, he is committed to building STEM skills and capabilities within the Hispanic/Latino community.

Great Minds in STEM recognized Fernando with a HENAAC Luminary Award at the 2015 STEM Career Conference.

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