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Francisco Lopez-Linares, Ph.D.      

Dr. Lopez-Linares has distinguished himself as an excellent research scientist throughout his career now spanning almost two full decades. He began his research career in his native Venezuela, where his work led to new technologies and discoveries, most notably finding a correlation between molecular structures and corrosion rates on crude oil pipelines in the field.

Born in the capital and largest city of the South American country, Caracas, Dr. Francisco Lopez-Linares of Chevron has a unique sense for identifying and developing research projects that have transformed the oil and gas industry.

His work, for example, contributed to the development of a unique low-emission diesel fuel for public transportation. His work has also led to the implementation of new analytical techniques for the characterization of heavy crude oils and their fractions.

Now a Senior Chemist at the multinational energy corporation, Dr. Lopez-Linares is researching the distribution of elements present in crude oil and derivatives products, through chromatographic separations coupled with Inductively Coupled Plasma techniques. He is also developing new methodologies for elemental analysis in solid catalysts by low or none sample preparation steps.

His contributions to the advancement of science and technology have been disseminated in over 40 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, two book chapters and twelve granted patents with two more pending. With 19 years of industrial-academic experience, Dr. Lopez-Linares has published 42 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, he has been awarded 12 patents and presented 57 papers at scientific and technical conferences.

Dr. Lopez-Linares is passionate about mentoring younger scientists and students. He has been constantly available and happy to teach and train colleagues and students and to relay to them his many experimental skills and his broad and deep knowledge for chemistry. He has also been extremely successful as a supervisor, always making sure his employees meet deadlines and high quality expectations, while at the same time showing them support and leadership for the advancement of their own careers.

Dr. Lopez-Linares holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research. For his technical achievements, Dr. Lopez-Linares was honored with a 2015 HENAAC Luminary award.

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