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Gabriel Alvillar      
Northrop Grumman

Gabriel Alvillar’s life has been filled with little “moments” that helped guide him towards his professional path.  He dreamt of becoming a surgeon, and his father, recognizing his aspirations, encouraged him to watch a TV show called The Operation. Gabriel quickly realized that a life performing surgeries was probably not his best career option.  This would be one of those little moments that would send Gabriel on a path towards electrical engineering – one that he has been forging ever since. 

Gabriel comes from a multi-national background. His father was raised in Anthony, New Mexico and became a Latin and traditional ballroom dance instructor.  His mother, grew up in Canada, and settled in the United States to pursue a career as an Army nurse.  While stationed in San Antonio Texas, Gabriel's mother would take a dance class that would change her life.  Gabriel, the younger of two siblings was born in Bremerhaven, Germany where his mother was stationed. At the end of her tour of duty, they were transferred to Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma where he would spend the rest of his childhood. 

During his senior year in high school, Gabriel experienced what would be the second little “moment,” that would further encourage him to pursue a career in engineering. Gabriel’s high school counselor recommended that he go to Oklahoma State University (OSU) to interview for their College of Engineering Scholars program. This program interviewed incoming engineering freshmen and if selected, put them through a customized university curriculum.  It was through this program that while Gabriel was in college, he was able to spend a day and a half at the Naval Station at Norfolk, Virginia where he would tour a nuclear propulsion capable submarine and aircraft carrier. Later that summer, he interviewed for and was selected as a Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate for the U.S. Naval submarine force.  

After graduating from OSU with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Gabriel embarked on a 6 year career in the military. While in the Navy, Gabriel would earn the rank of Lieutenant, oversee and direct repair operations on nuclear submarines, and develop and train 305 nuclear engineers and quality assurance officers. 

In 2008, Gabriel joined Northrop Grumman where he was able to quickly and adeptly apply his knowledge and talents to U.S. Air Force aerospace platforms.  Since then, he has steadily held positions of progressing responsibility. Today, as the B2 Software Lab Engineering Manager, Gabriel has the overall engineering oversight for the B2 Software Labs at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. This position gives Gabriel technical supervision of all the lab space in the 180,000 square-foot facility, including four large scale system integration labs and six large independent development labs. Gabriel is also responsible for the coordination and implementation of ABS 3D printing into formal customer deliveries of lab test equipment. Gabriel’s innovative thinking has benefitted Northrop Grumman as he was able to examine legacy needs and requirements and introduce a new level of capability and efficiency with modern technology. This has been pivotal on the B2 bomber platform, where it must be able to continue to be modernized and flying to support a myriad of national security missions. 

With 13 years of technical achievement in the military and aerospace industry, Gabriel has repeatedly displayed considerable ability to reduce complex system challenges into manageable solutions with successful execution which has translated into a successful career. Notwithstanding all of his professional accomplishments, Gabriel’s proudest “moments” have taken place with his supporting and loving wife, Stephanie and their two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Ella. 

Gabriel holds both a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in engineering and technology management from Oklahoma State University. 

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