STEM Professional of the week

Jennifer Mota Kaminski      
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Jennifer was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban-American parents who provided inspiration, mentorship and values that have shaped her life. She began her pursuit of a career in science while at the University of Georgia where she majored in Biochemistry. At the university, Jennifer was heavily involved with Gamma Sigma Sigma, an organization that was devoted to volunteer and service projects that addressed poverty, education and health issues. In her first position after college, she applied her degree in biochemistry on a project investigating the declining population of native trout in the Great Lakes.

After obtaining some work experience, she started a graduate program at the University of North Texas. The Environmental Toxicology program brought together her interests in biochemical processes and environmental issues. Upon earning her master's in environmental science, Jennifer joined the Kimberly-Clark Corporation in the environmental Services Lab. Jennifer quickly succeeded within that group doing environmental regulatory work on national and international levels. Wanting to also learn the business side, she then joined the Partnership Products Team.

A dynamic and creative product development leader with an expertise in conceiving and launching innovative new products and strategies, Jennifer is described by her peers as having "a fearless determination to push the boundaries of science and engineering." Jennifer has worked on teams that brought to life new commercial innovations that are on the market today including several Intrepid®Air Filtration media and the DentaBurst™ Finger Toothbrush.

The entrepreneurial business group further spurred her interest in becoming involved with the business end of projects so Jennifer enrolled in Georgia State University's Executive MBA program. Being employed full-time and a mother, it was challenging to balance family work and school demands. However, with the support of her immediate and extended family, as well as her company she was able to successfully complete the program achieving a Magna Cum Laude designation.

Jennifer is currently part of the Corporate Innovation Team made up of MBA’S and PhD’s within the enterprise. Working with this team has given Jennifer the pleasure of seeing how to bring science and technology innovation to life through new business models including Learn Well in Schools, Live Well for Hotels and Healthy Workplace for Offices.

One of Jennifer's goals, whether in her company, community or professional activities, is to contribute to the positive culture of an organization, to make it a more embracing, diverse and fun place. She participates in various company activities to improve employee engagement and volunteers her time to promote cross cultural understanding. As a role model, she consistently demonstrates the values of hard work, integrity, commitment and leadership. She also volunteers in her community at various levels helping to create access and promote STEM among urban and rural students.

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