STEM Professional of the week

Marissa Suarez      
The Walt Disney Company

A motivated and versatile mechanical engineer, Marissa Suarez’s relationship with the multinational mass media corporation, The Walt Disney Company, began as a Cast Member in the park now known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Marissa was given the opportunity to work for a company formerly known as Siemens Westinghouse Gas Turbine group, where she supported the external systems that operate and monitor the gas turbines. Through her work on various projects, she gained valuable experiences with the side of engineering that taught her project management and also showed her how business techniques are necessary in order for management to thrive.

Today, as a Senior Project Engineer for The Walt Disney Company, Marissa has been able to apply the skills acquired in the gas turbine industry and has shown great success in support of a multi-million dollar show implementation for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. In this role, she manages design requirements for show systems, facility integration and resource management. 
Additionally, as a team leader for Ride Mechanical with Design and Engineering, she guided her team to the successful implementation of unique machine designs that resolve maintenance issues and enhance the overall ride experience for guests.

Marissa has displayed a wide range of knowledge in some very complex projects due, in part, to her previous experiences working on multiple assignments. She has worked on improving vehicle accessibility for guests with disabilities, creating enhancements to mechanical systems to make maintenance of those systems easier and supporting teams to improve on internal processes within the department. Her most recent occasion as the Ride Engineer for a major installation of a new ride for the Magic Kingdom Expansion project, partnered her with ride installers, construction teams, and show support teams to oversee the implementation of a new attraction.

Throughout her professional course, Marissa has maintained a high drive for community involvement. She has been a participating member of the “Engineering the Magic” presentation and “Disney’s Ultimate Engineering Experience,” which is focused on giving students the fundamental science and engineering principals and these principals are applied to ride and show design. 

Marissa’s drive has also made her an ideal Mentor and College Bowl Coach at Great Minds in STEM’s annual HENAAC Conferences. She was voted by her peers as mentor of the year for Protégé Mentorship Program during the 2014 Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she was also the recipient of a Luminary Award.

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