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Miguel Angel Cedeno      
New York City Department of Design and Construction

Originally from Los Angeles, Miguel Angel Cedeno currently resides in New York City with his wife Elizabeth and their three children. A registered architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Miguel earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and holds a master’s degree in the same discipline from Columbia University.
Miguel is currently serving as Assistant Commissioner for the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) Build It Back Program. The program serves over 2,000 residential home owners in Hurricane Sandy impacted areas. Miguel is managing a staff of dedicated professionals whose focus is to build more resilient communities through comprehensive neighborhood approaches. The program is a massive effort. As designed in 2013 in response to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the program is distinct from other disaster relief programs in significant ways. It was designed to avoid challenges experienced by cities in post-disaster-situations, especially New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina. In designing the Build it Back program, the city decided to take a different approach based on lessons as well as the unique complexities of building in New York City. 

Dedicated to public service, Miguel served as Program Director for the Human Services Unit and was responsible for delivering a portfolio for social service clients valued at $379M. Prior to joining DDC, Miguel worked on several large scale projects for both the New York City and San Francisco Housing Authorities.

 Over the last seven years, Miguel has devoted his time and energy to the ACE Mentorship Program of America as a mentor. As a key leader, Miguel has recruited new students for the program helping to enroll over 1,000 students by sharing information about ACE with schools and cultivating relationships with school officials. Many of his students have been awarded numerous scholarships and have successfully pursued higher education in the fields of architecture, construction management and engineering. 

For the past ten years, Miguel has been a lecturer at the New York University School of Professional Studies. He also volunteers at DDC during lunchtime to assist his colleagues with their Architecture Registration Exam Preparation. 

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