STEM Professional of the week

Robert M. Dominguez      
Huntington Ingalls Industries

Robert has served in a variety of positions from individual contributor to lead technologist, manager and consultant. In these various roles, he consistently served as a mentor and role model to a variety of diverse employees and maintained a reputation of being solid Data Base Architect. With over 25 years experience in System’s Architecture, Robert exhibits keen technical acumen and consistent leadership at Huntington Ingalls' Shipbuilding- Information Technology division.

One of four children born to a civil engineering and an Artist, Robert was a curious child, interested in model rockets, model airplanes as well as drawing and painting. While Robert was growing up, his family moved a great deal, mostly to college towns where his father taught civil engineering. He developed a fascination with computers at an early age, and having the ability to hang out at the University, he would experiment with old paper tape programmed computers which gave him a fundamental understanding on how computers functioned. Although he began his college career studying Mechanical Engineering, he would soon change his major to computer science, his true calling, however, to this day, he continues to pursue art in his spare time.

Robert is currently working as a Database Architect/Lead DBA-MARS, where he provides expert database support and leadership for information technology projects and serves as the primary architect for the two major systems used at most levels within Ingalls Shipbuilding which produces some of the most advanced surface vessels for the U.S. Robert provides backup and recovery support for major systems and maintains security and integrity controls in a complex shipbuilding system environment.

In the course of his career, he delivered numerous trainings to various companies who were at risk of installing improper disaster recovery processes and systems, which could result in a shut down and frozen system environment. His efforts have saved companies millions of dollars and jobs while reverting plant closures.

Robert, his wife and their dog, are very active in the community, participating in a pet therapy program for senior citizens. Robert was honored as a 2012 HENAAC Luminary Award Winner. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of South Alabama.

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