STEM Professional of the week

Sharon Badillo      
U.S. Air Force

Lead Engineer (ARC-234) Cryptographic Modernization Program
COMSEC Products Branch, HNCC
Cryptologic Systems Division
Air Force Materiel Command
U.S. Air Force

As Lead Engineer, Sharon manages the upgrade of a highly classified critical cryptographic device which increases security posture and supports the Nuclear Command and Control community in order to meet National Security Agency mandates. An exemplary leader, with a high standard of excellence and knowledge of DoD acquisition policy, she has played a key role in identifying viable test options and technical program requirements necessary to achieve development, production, installation and deployment. Her dedication and commitment have been key factors to managing technical risk and keeping the team focused and on track to meet program objectives.

Sharon worked as a developmental engineer on the Ground Operating Equipment Increment 1 (GOE I1) program providing technical assistance for the development of encryption/decryption devices for space-to ground, ground-to-space, and satellite-to-satellite crosslink data. Prior to working on the GOE I1 Program, Sharon had and impressive assignment with NASA, serving as lead engineer for flight Space Transportation System-124. She developed and led efforts for the International Space Station and Space Shuttle proximity operations solar array management timelines for the Boeing Systems Analysis, Guidance & Navigation Teams and the NASA VIPerR Team.

One of four children, Sharon was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. She was educated in the public school system and not only did she do well in school, but she excelled in classical music, a great combination for a future engineer. Sharon was recognized as an outstanding orchestra player of the cello and violin who took part in many orchestra competitions. After high school, she attended the University of Texas in San Antonio to study electrical engineering. During college, she was active in student organizations like the Society of Women Engineers where she took part in many community outreach program. Now as a professional engineer, she continues her fervor for community involvement. An excellent role model, with significant contributions to the Hispanic community, Sharon promotes careers in STEM for future generations and since 2008, has served as a Court Appointed Child’s Advocate.

A recipient of several U.S. Air Force and NASA awards, Sharon was also honored with a HENAAC Luminary Award in 2012. She earned a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s in Management Technology from the University of Texas, San Antonio.

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