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STEM Professional of the week

Somayeh Asadi, Ph.D.      
Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Dr. Somayeh Asadi joined Texas A&M University - Kingsville (TAMUK), as an Assistant Professor in Civil and Architectural Engineering in the Fall of 2012 after receiving her Ph.D. Since then she has gained a reputation as a world-class expert in the field of engineering science with a focus on sustainable materials, construction and energy conservation in buildings. Quickly proving herself, she earned the respect of her colleagues and the administration. As a key member of the university's Sustainability Program, she serves as the faculty-advisor for two major sustainability projects: Green Roof and Rainwater Harvesting System. Despite participating extensively in research activities in the college, Dr. Asadi received exceptional evaluations for the courses that she taught over the past year, and in a short period of time was very successful in securing external funding for several research and educational projects.

Dr. Asadi is a Co-PI of the National Science Foundation (NSF STEP Type 1B) proposal entitled CASCaded Mentoring and Design Experience (CASCADE). The objective of this proposal is to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of TAMUK students who successfully earn an engineering baccalaureate degree. As a predominantly undergraduate teaching and Hispanic Serving Institution, TAMUK will broaden impact via this proposal by advancing discovery on the retention of Hispanic engineering students, while promoting teaching, training and learning.

Dr. Asadii has a history of working with K-12 outreach programs. Her community involvement began during her time as a graduate student at Louisiana State University, when she tutored elementary school students who had difficulty with math in the Baton Rouge, area. She served as a mentor for the Louisiana State University/East Baton Rouge Science Fair Program and was a training counselor for the Exploration Camp for Inspiring Tomorrow's Woman Engineers. A role model for female students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, she encouraged young females to explore the field of engineering. Since joining TAMUK, she continued her involvement in the community by mentoring and training middle school students in South Texas, a region that is predominantly Hispanic, through participation in two K-12 summer programs at the university.

She is described by her peers and students as a creative teacher and excellent role model who is committed to her work. Dr. Asadi received her Bachelor's degree from Semnan University in Iran and both her Master's and Ph.D. from Louisiana State University. She has published 9 journal papers and more than 15 conference papers and has received funding from National Science Foundation (NSF), National Priorities Research Program (NPRF), Texas A&M University - Kingsville Service Learning Program, and TAMUK's College of Engineering.

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