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Steven E. Sanchez      
Booz Allen Hamilton

A teacher, a mentor, and now a software engineer, Steven E. Sanchez was born to a proud Texan family with a strong military history and learned from them the value of discipline and compassion.

As a young boy, Steven developed a deep appreciation for sports, which influenced his early career decisions. His appreciation for athletics, a passion for helping rehabilitate injured athletes and a talent for science, math and technology, led Steven to enroll at the University of Texas, San Antonio immediately after high school to pursue a career in physical therapy. He excelled as a student, but life changing experiences were presented to Steven during his college years. He was married at the age of 18 and a year later had his first child. It was no easy feat, but he remained focused, working hard to manage his time and finances to support his family.

During his last semester in college, Steven reconnected with an all but forgotten childhood passion – computers. He decided to take an elective class in computer programming, which would not only rekindle his passion but also reroute his career focus. After earning a bachelor’s degree in health, Steven worked as a math teacher at San Antonio College during the day and by night he was attending San Antonio College, immersing himself in a Computer Programming program.

Close to a decade after changing career paths, Steven has hit the ground running and has found a home at Booz Allen Hamilton’s Cyber Account of the Defense and Intelligence Group as a Senior Lead Technologist. Since 2009, Steven has been able to apply his technical background and leadership skills to help protect the country’s information infrastructure. He leads a technical team on key client projects that support the nation’s toughest security challenges. In a consulting environment, he has enhanced his professional portfolio with an understanding of the full-cycle of business and technical drivers. Steven has built a team of 12 direct reports and three extended team members supporting Air Force cyber capabilities and malware analysis.

Steven’s prowess and diverse experience have made him a trusted source for security advice within the firm and security community. His ability to teach and mentor others has made him the ideal Agile Coach and Scrum Master for Booz Allen. His efforts to coach and develop his colleagues and greater software development community, builds capacity among the next generation of cyber security developers and strengthens the country’s ability to deter cyber threats to U.S. information systems.

A high-performer with a desire to always “add value,” Steven is also in tune to his community. He often recruits from his alma mater, which a large Hispanic population. For two years, he supported Booz Allen’s relationship with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineer (SHPE) by presenting workshops on cyber security and recruiting young Hispanics at the career fair. He is a regular speaker at conferences such as the Cyber Patriot National Youth Cyber Education Program, an initiative created by the Air Force Association to inspire high school students toward careers in cyber security or STEM disciplines critical to the nation’s future.

Great Minds in STEM honored Steven with a Luminary Award at the 2014 HENAAC Conference.

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