STEM Professional of the week

Veronica M. Boesen      
Raytheon Company

For Veronica Boesen an organic chemistry class during her first year in college at the University of Florida would prove to be the element that would not only anchor her passion for the sciences but also lead to a future in engineering.

A curious and independent child, raised within a close knit family, she frequently pushed the limits of objects around her, and was often caught taking apart small appliances to figure out how they worked. Along her educational journey she was inspired by individuals who would help her embrace that curiosity. Veronica developed a love of Math in the 6th grade with the support of a NASA-enthusiast teacher. She was also fortunate to have a wonderful science mentor in her grandmother, who was a former Chemistry teacher in her native Cuba, with whom she also shared a love of the Spanish language.

Veronica channeled her passion for math and science into a degree in Materials Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. A well-rounded college student, she was deeply involved in Materials Science Research and participated in multiple collegiate sports. While at the university, Veronica learned to be diligent and developed good written communication skills which to this day help her in her current job. An internship at the Siemens Energy's Failure Analysis lab would also provide her with many Material Engineering foundational analysis techniques that provided a very solid footing when she was hired at Raytheon upon graduation.

Veronica joined the Raytheon Company in the Spring of 2012 as a Materials Engineer and quickly integrated into the team to support new product development and manufacturing operations in the organization’s Space and Airborne Systems Largo Florida facility. Instantly embracing her role, she engaged with a variety of Engineering Development and Manufacturing Operations opportunities and issues. Veronica goes beyond her role of failure analysis and routinely drives solutions to close out root cause, corrective action and improvement plans.

Veronica’s collaboration across Raytheon’s design engineering and operations functions led to new ideas and approaches that quickly showed their value to the business in terms of real savings. In just a two-year span, Veronica has demonstrated both her creativity and technical acumen by generating unique ideas on three separate products that have been considered for patents. One idea received a Raytheon Innovation Award, one was labeled as a trade secret and one is still under consideration by the organization’s patent committee.

Outside of her work assignments, Veronica is an active member and leader in many employee resource groups. She is the Vice President and Diversity Chair of the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement – Florida chapter (HOLA) and the Community Outreach Chair of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allies (GLBTA). Through Veronica’s participation in HOLA, she has developed a relationship with a local elementary school that offers a Spanish Immersion Program and works with underserved youth. Veronica built a foundation for mentorship and uses her bilingual abilities to interact with the students.

Veronica earned a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Florida in Gainesville and received a Luminary award at the 26th Annual HENAAC Conference in October.

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