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Yesenia Figueroa      
The Boeing Company

Yesenia Figueroa is currently the IT Application Manager for the Cost, Scheduling, Planning and Reporting (CSPR) team at The Boeing Company. 

She was born in the island of Puerto Rico, but moved to the United States as a child. Her first language was Spanish and she did not speak English until the age of six when she entered kindergarten. The language barrier presented many challenges for Yesenia, but with the support of her parents and teachers and her own desire to persevere, she was able to adopt the language and set herself up for future success. 

Yesenia continued to ride that wave towards success and shortly after graduating from high school enrolled at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. This experience would present another challenge for her as the male to female ration was 15:1 and she was often the only female in many of her classes. She learned to overcome many conscious and unconscious biases, which taught her how to face adversity head on while maintaining a high level of respect. Yesenia went on to graduate with a bachelor and master degrees in aeronautical science and years later, earned an additional master’s in information management systems from the University of Phoenix.
In 2003, Yesenia started her professional relationship with one of the world’s largest aerospace company’s and leading manufacturer of jetliners - The Boeing Company. She joined the Information Technology department supporting program management needs for more than 160 Boeing Defense, Space and Security programs. In her current role, Yesenia is managing and integrating resources, budget and activities for Boeing’s Engineering, Operations & Technology Cost, Scheduling, Planning and Reporting team.

The creative and innovative thinker, is completing her third year participation in the Engineering, Operations and Technology Leadership Excellence and Acceleration Program (LEAP), which is designed to provide individuals with demonstrated leadership potential, opportunities to accelerate their development and broaden their understanding of The Boeing Company while providing quality leaders for the future.
Yesenia is the Boeing IT representative for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). Through her involvement, she has had the opportunity to reach out to the Hispanic community to help increase the understanding of the critical need of Hispanics and other underrepresented communities in STEM and leadership areas. 

Yesenia has been the recipient of the 2014 Women of Color in Technology Rising Star Award, nominee for the 2010 Women of High Potential Amelia Earhart Award and Boeing IT Director Achievement Award in 2006


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