Scholar of the Week

Alessandro Archila      
University of Oklahoma

Alessandro Archila is a sophomore pursuing a petroleum engineering degree at the University of Oklahoma (OU).  He is a 2015 HENAAC Scholar, who received a $1,000 Ann Seki Memorial Scholarship sponsored by Chevron.

Growing up, Alessandro had the opportunity to live in the UK and Colombia, before returning to the U.S., where he completed his high school.  Alessandro's Guatemalan descent also provided him the opportunity to often travel with his parents to Guatemala to visit family. Each trip made him realize how privileged his life was and motivated him to further his education and start finding ways to give back to his people.

Alessandro is following in his father’s footstep. His father graduated high school, in Guatemala, at the age of 15, and earned a scholarship to come to the United States and study petroleum engineering in Louisiana and gained a job in the petroleum industry. Eventually, he became the president of Chevron Texaco Canada and became HENAAC’s Hispanic Engineer of the Year in 2004.

A highly personable individual, Alessandro is part of the OU Spanish Club and the National Honors Society of Collegiate Scholars. Through these two organizations, he is actively involved throughout all of the Norman community. He is also involved in the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Alessandro knows he has a long way to go to become a petroleum engineer, but his keen sense for science and mathematics makes him a fast learner. His friend’s call him a work horse because he gets done what he has to and never lets himself be a barrier to greatness. Greatness is achieved by tenacity and very being to be recognized and merited. Alessandro pushes himself to learn and improve himself in order to achieve greatness and earn his father’s respect.

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