Scholar of the Week

Anibal Morales
Florida International University

Anibal Morales’ passion for environmental science has driven him to become an outstanding role model for his colleagues and a true leader in the STEM community. It was this passion which led to his recognition as a GMiS Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader for 2018.  Anibal is an undergraduate student at Florida International University and received a 2018 Leidos Scholarship.   

Anibal grew up in Puerto Rico, where he lived in a single-parent household with his mother and two sisters. Seeing his mother persevere through unlikely odds and difficult obstacles motivated Anibal to pursue higher education.  “Her example played an instrumental role in motivating me to be a first-generation college student,” shared Anibal. 

Anibal’s passion for science was especially sparked when he participated in a robotics class his freshman year at Florida International University. His interest led him to become heavily involved in the STEM community. Having lived in both Puerto Rico and Florida, both areas with delicate ecosystems, Anibal decided to prioritize environmental impact as part of his studies. He plans to use his degree to develop more efficient methods of cleanup for existing nuclear waste, as well as offer cleaner and safer forms of nuclear energy for future generations. Anibal has already worked with the U.S. Department of Energy to help cleanup radioactive waste at nuclear facilities across the country.  

In addition to the work he has done in his field, Anibal has become a voice for the STEM community by reaching out to representatives in Washington D.C. As a member of the McNair Scholars Program, Anibal was concerned to learn of the program’s possible defunding under the current administration. This motivated him to speak with Senator Marco Rubio’s team to discuss the importance of STEM research and higher education opportunities.  

Anibal is currently majoring in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at FIU and will complete his bachelor’s degree program in December of 2019. GMiS looks forward to Anibal’s future accomplishments as an environmentalist and an advocate for STEM programs. 

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