Scholar of the Week

Brian Preciado      
Cal Poly Pomona

Looking to learn all he can, experience all he can and achieve all he can, Brian Preciado has began a new chapter at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, as a student majoring in Biology. Having a strong academic foundation, graduating from Baldwin Park High School (BPHS) with an impressive 4.15 GPA, it is no surprise that Brian was awarded one of two $1,275 NASA Johnson Space Center scholarships, in fall 2013.

With a curiosity for the endless possibilities available, Brian seeks the exposure of new thoughts, new ideas and meeting new people. He understands that knowledge is the key to new and better possibilities. For this reason, Brian not only does well in his academics, but he makes sure to be active in his community by taking on leadership roles and providing community service. Brian served as Secretary of the California Scholarship Federation in 2011 and as Vice President in 2012, as well as the Café Culture Club Secretary and Debate Club Public Relations Officer that same year. During his free time he enjoys playing the violin and was even named BPHS Orchestra Secretary in 2011.

When he wasn’t busy with all of his activities he was studying for his Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Because time is money once you reach the university level, he was excited when he passed his AP English, Calculus and History exams, shaving off a few units and saving a few dollars. As demonstrated, Brian is an academic scholar who can balance the rigor of his academic studies and responsibilities of his extracurricular activities.

Brian is truly a phenomenal student who craves knowledge in order to help his surrounding community. Kate, a high school peer, has nothing but the highest compliments about Brian as she witnessed his intellect first hand. She described Brian as a “person who performs creatively and conscientiously in his own right along with being a person who stimulates and motivates his peers to a high level of collective achievement.” Brian is obviously an exemplary student as shown through his extracurricular activities and leadership positions. He oftentimes exceeded expectations and set new and high bars.

Despite the fear that comes along with being the first to attend college, Brian is excited to be exposed to new thoughts, new ideas and new people. He is ready to explore a new realm and new possibilities, and inspire his younger siblings to do the same. As a 2013 HENAAC Scholar, he strives to ignite motivation and inspiration to students across the country, to prove that hard work and determination can be fruitful.

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