Scholar of the Week

Domino Birze      
Indiana University in Bloomington

Domino Birze is an engineering freshman at Indiana University in Bloomington. She graduated Valedictorian, from Billy Ryan High School, while working 25 hours per week. Domino applied to the HENAAC Scholars Program and earned a $1,500 HENAAC/NASA Marshall Space Flight Center scholarship.

Domino chose engineering because of her passion for mathematics and truly aspires to be an engineer. An engineering degree means working in a career field she loves, and having the knowledge necessary for developing alternatives to production, conservation, and energy use.

Her other passion is protecting the environment. After volunteering for Spring Clean, an effort to clean up a dried lakeshore, and realizing the wasteful behaviors of humans, she has committed herself to somehow eliminating increases in waste production. She explains, “My ideal future incorporates my mathematical skill with my environmental interest to make an impact.”

Her teacher describes how Domino has a genuine affection for mathematics. She is a well-rounded individual performing well at school, while balancing her athletics, clubs, social and academic lives. With her intellectual curiosity, discipline, and drive to succeed, Domino is sure to thrive in school and in her chosen career.

Her peers describe her as friendly, intelligent, and always willing to go out of her way to help others. She is quick to lift one’s spirits when someone is having a bad day. During her senior year, she tutored a classmate which led to him earning an A in AP pre-calculus. Her friend further explains, “Domino is a great person, friend, teacher, and student who is going to go far in life.”

Domino is an ambitious young woman, who one day will discover a comprehensive answer to the problem of the Earth’s deterioration as she continues to push herself in her studies and strive for excellence taking the hardest classes she can find. Domino understands that an engineering degree is key in allowing her mind to apply creativity to this problem. She is “determined to change the world,” as she acquires the knowledge to make her dreams come true.


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