Scholar of the Week

Eduardo Torre
University of Pennsylvania

Eduardo Torre immigrated to the US in 2007. In search of better opportunities, he traded training as a Venezuelan physician for a journey that has proved to be both challenging and fulfilling.

Eduardo’s journey in the US started at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Despite having a limited biology background, he quickly developed a passion for it. Starting his freshman year, and throughout the next four years, Eduardo worked with Dr. Corces trying to understand how two genetically identical cells could behave differently. During those years, he was able to present his work at research symposia, received research awards, and co-authored his first paper. This gratifying experience, which culminated with a master's degree, would ultimately shape how Eduardo thought about his training as a scientist.

Instead of strictly pursuing science, Eduardo paved yet another path for himself and became an EMT, which satisfied his desire to provide care to others. By 2010, he was determined to become a physician-scientist, but he knew his path still needed some paving. While at Emory, Eduardo began to understand that much of the current biological research generated high-throughput data and that to push science further he needed to understand how to work with big data. To this end, he moved to northern California where he worked with Dr. Chang at Stanford University. For the next two years, he focused on acquiring the tools necessary to work with and further develop high-throughput analytical platforms.

Throughout all this time, Eduardo’s aspirations of becoming a physician have remained constant. However, he deliberately veered from the linear path and paved one that allowed him to experience and explore. In 2013, though, he felt the time had come to resume his medical training. It would, however, require another move, this time to Philadelphia. Eduardo is now part of the MD-PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania, where he finds that his interests, caregiving, and science, merge. Along the way, Eduardo gained the technical skills and necessary worldview to contribute to the medical and academic community and become a leader in STEM.

Eduardo Torre is the recipient of the Outstanding Science Graduate Student Leadership Award for 2016 and a Ray & Carmela Mellado Scholar for the Class of 2016. We are pleased to share Eduardo’s story and highlight his accomplishments as a Great Minds in STEM scholar role model.

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