Scholar of the Week

Evan Hernandez
University of Wisconsin, Madison

As the descendant of Cuban immigrant grandparents, Evan Hernandez was instilled with the importance of education and work ethic from a very early age. During the 1950’s, his grandparents migrated to the U.S. Speaking only Spanish, they sought work at a factory where they labored very hard every day to make ends meet. In the late 1960’s Evan’s dad entered school and struggled with the language barrier but through his diligence and ambition, was the first of his family to attend college. This drive and determination to make his family proud is why Evan pushes himself in the rigorous honors curriculum and maintains a perfect 4.0 GPA.

As one of sixty-five students in his graduating class selected to be part of the Chancellor’s Program for underserved students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Evan is actively involved with minority and disadvantaged students on campus. The primary focus of the Chancellor’s program is to help promote tolerance and diversity on campus, while providing mentoring and peer-level support to help minority students succeed academically. During his freshman year, Evan served as Freshman Chair of the Chancellor’s Program, which involved leading meetings and planning community-service events. Working with fellow Hispanic and minority students to improve campus culture is both inspiring and rewarding to Evan.

In 2015 Evan applied for a summer internship at Google with only one Computer Science class completed, but he had the foresight to teach himself JAVA programming using books and online tutorials during high school. As part of the interview process at Google, Evan was faced with two technical interviews where he had to program live in front of a Senior Google Engineer. He was successful and was offered a Software Engineer Practicum internship at the Boulder, Colorado facility where he worked with a team of talented students from across the world. During his time at Google, Evan learned valuable lessons in leadership and found his passion.

His goal now is to start a technology company in the future to inspire others to enter the field of computer science through mentoring outreach at the high school level. His dream is to improve the world by providing tools and resources for people that will make a positive impact in their lives and believes that computer science is the perfect gateway to doing this.

We congratulate Evan Hernandez as Outstanding Science Undergraduate Student Leadership Award winner and a Class of 2016 HENAAC Scholar recipient of a Dell scholarship.

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